Open Source FPGA for Verus 2.0 Preliminarily Qualifies for 100K $VRSC — Pre-orders Now Open, and CPU Mining Survives!

February 14, 2019 (for immediate release) – The Verus Coin Foundation announces that Floofle Labs, working for FPGA mining card manufacturer, UKMiner, has achieved just over 1.5 times the price/performance available on the best tested CPU, an AMD Ryzen 5, 2600, with an FPGA for VerusHash 2.0. The first FPGA hardware for VerusHash 2.0, is available now for pre-order. The code will be released as open source and devices delivered without secret mining, qualifying Floofle Labs for the 100K $VRSC bounty offered by the Verus Coin Foundation. Final confirmation after delivery will be required, but Floofle Labs has made code available to the Foundation, and the Foundation expects to complete those formalities without issue.

“With VerusHash 2.0 we worked to close the gap between FPGA performance and mass-market CPUs. Reprogrammable hardware mining is inevitable, but if we achieve more economic balance and support those with a fair, open approach to progress, FPGA mining can ultimately benefit decentralization, rather than centralize to a small group of secret miners. Rather than beating CPUs by 50x with the old algorithm, UKMiner’s V1 achieves 1.7x price/performance of CPUs, making FPGAs worth the investment, while leaving CPUs, and even GPUs, a place in the ecosystem,” said Mike Toutonghi, Lead Developer for the Verus Project.

UKMiner V1s come as PCI-x compatible cards, and can be ordered for $399 on their website ([]( UKMiner is an independent business and is not affiliated with the Verus Coin Foundation. UKMiner V1 will ship with the VerusHash 2.0 algorithm, but can also be reprogrammed with other algorithm bitstreams as available, such as Keccakc, ZP, 0x, Tribus, Nexus, etc. Check with UKMiner for algorithm availability. UKMiner states that the V1 mines VerusHash 2.0 at 70 MH/s, running at 80 Watts.

Ashley Smith, UKMiner Founder, hopes their product marks a turning point between cryptocurrency projects and high performance FPGA devices that have often been seen as an adversary to decentralization. “Rather than endless forks, Verus developers made an algorithm that FPGAs can mine without shutting out CPUs. We believe the UKMiner V1, powerful enough for professional miners, but much like a mid-range graphics card in price and form, opens new possibilities for miners at every level, and we hope other projects will follow Verus’ lead.”


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Beginners Guide to CPU Mining VRSC from Your Computer in Under 5 Minutes

Just wrote a very simple step by step guide to start CPU mining Verus Coin and wanted to share with the community. I tried to make it as easy to follow as possible…the idea being to help anyone get started regardless of skill set, crypto-knowledge, etc.

I’d love to hear your feedback and if I can make any improvements on the guide please comment and let me know how! Thanks and cheers!



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