How To Evaluate Cryptocurrencies

Looking to get involved with a project that has caught your eye? How can you be sure that the technical jargon really cuts the mustard and isn’t just some mumbo jumbo put together with fancy marketing and nothing but vapors under the hood? Well, there are some acid tests you can apply when sizing up projects and we’ll give you the rundown in this guide; so that you can
avoid getting pranked with a heavy bag of excrement and separate wheat from the chaff when assessing the market and what constitutes a probable bid.

***…Is It Gonna Bang Though?***

The first concept you must understand when sizing up cryptocurrency projects is they are ten a penny and in 2017 due to the parabolic bull run, even more frequently appearing on the scene in a seemingly never-ending onslaught. In short – everyone is playing bullshit bingo in crypto.

Just try and see how many projects feature essentially exactly the same thing, just with different colors and branding and maybe a few extra bells and whistles, at its core mostly all projects barely differentiate themselves from one another and purely offer buzzwords or conceptual ideas whilst working on the backbone of another successful project in the interim.

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