Coinsightful 🖥📊📕, a new cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker and Knowledge Base for PC/Mac (Android/iOS coming soon). Try us out if you have time – we’re 100% free to use!

Hey everyone! I’m the cofounder and one of the developers behind Coinsightful, a site that acts as a simple but advanced portfolio tracker w/ news feed, in-depth knowledge base for over 50 (and counting) coins, and market tracker with exchange and wallet sync options. You can find us here at []( and try us out at [](

**Feature Overview (TLDR)**

1. [Portfolio Tracker]( (as like many other apps advertise, easy to use and informative) in table form with a Watchlist for coins
2. Direct and up-to-date News Feed for all of your portfolio and watch listed coins
3. 100% Free [API Sync and Data Import]( from 6 wallets / 6 cryptocurrency exchanges, with more coming every day
4. [Knowledge Base]( with in-depth, easy to understand summaries with descriptive tooltips and future project roadmaps
5. Price and Event graphs for coins, with integrated price changes for each event
6. [Market Overview]( that lets you see how every coin in the market is doing (like CoinMarketCap)
7. [Voting!]( Weekly polls with new feature ideas – we build the features that you guys pick
8. [Suggestions]( – suggest new features that we should build and if we like it, we’ll add it to a poll or build it outright

**Team and Motivations**

Being crypto investors ourselves, we’ve found that portfolio trackers were convenient but didn’t really provide us with what we needed. From a money-making perspective, we wanted to not only track our investments but also learn about other coins. Our site focuses on letting you easily track your coins while providing a way for you to find and learn about similar cryptocurrencies and others in completely new areas.

We know that having both a solid portfolio tracker and knowledge base is important, so we have a strong engineering development team (from Amazon, Facebook, etc.) and marketing / content creation team that work around the clock to read white papers / coin documentations and roadmaps to provide up-to-date and accurate information on coins. We’re cranking out new changes every day so keep checking back for more!

We also pride ourselves on the accessibility of our site through its UI and UX. We want everyone to be able to access and learn about cryptocurrency, so we’re striving to build the most intuitive but helpful tracker out there. However we know there’s a long way to go and want to let you steer the future development of Coinsightful, so we hold weekly community feature polls. It’s simple – you vote for it, we build it.

We’ve been working on this application for a few months now, and we feel like it’s finally stable enough to release (iOS coming out next week and Android soon after)! We are constantly developing new features and adding knowledge content, with hopes for making this the best tracker / knowledge app out there. If you want to learn about a new coin or want to check out a revolutionary new cryptocurrency app, check us out and hopefully you’ll find us as awesome as some of our users do!

**Team and Motivations**

We’re always trying to think of useful new features so if you have any feedback/suggestions, leave us a suggestion using our app at [](, email us at [](, or leave a comment in this thread. Thanks for the help!

Check out our analysis on Medium ([]( or find us on social media (Facebook: []( and Twitter: [](

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