[ADOPTION] Directory of cryptocurrency friendly customers?

Cryptocurrencies have a chicken and egg problem. Few vendors want to go to the trouble of supporting cryptocurrencies, if there are no customers who want to use that cryptocurrency. However, few vendors will bother to learn how to use cryptocurrency, if there are no vendors which support it.

Is there a website which helps cryptocurrency friendly vendors find and communicate with cryptocurrency customers?

As I’m envisioning it, it would be sort of like this [directory of bitcoin-friendly vendors](https://99bitcoins.com/who-accepts-bitcoins-payment-companies-stores-take-bitcoins/), but listing customers instead of vendors.

Members could list:

* the kinds of services/goods for which the member would acceptr cryptocurrency (groceries, fuel, VPN, housing rental, etc)
* the currencies the member accepts (Bitcoin, Monero, etc)
* marketing the member would be willing to receive (airdrops, special offers, etc)
* location (city, state, country)

For example, if you were a VPN who accepts Monero, you could email all the site members who 1) accept Monero, and 2) want to hear offers for VPN services.

To reduce spam, the customer could set a price to be contacted.

Does something like this already exist?

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