The Digital Reserve Network: Denarii Valuation – This Crypto-asset valuation model is meant more as an introduction to the metrics in our blockchain network rather than the potential valuation of our currency and the final crypto-economic design.

The Digital Reserve Network: Denarii Valuation – This Crypto-asset valuation model is meant more as an introduction to the metrics in our blockchain network rather than the potential valuation of our currency and the final crypto-economic design.

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Crypto currency and Science

[The 21st century is not just an age of progress. This century is extremely fast, I would say even a lightning speed. But at the same time it is the century of capitalism, but unfortunately dying in the abyss of bureaucratic delays and an endless stream of unnecessary information. Today I would not like to talk about the problems of modern markets and companies revolving around them, I would like to talk about people who are the very essence of progress and its main engine. Scientists, specialists, inventors and other craftsmen are currently experiencing difficulties in interacting with each other both within the scientific community and with the rest of the world, among them representatives of business and the state. I often talk about cryptocurrency, but many who know me know that the projects that ICO conducts and really like me can be counted on the fingers, and it seems that another finger has grown on my crypto-currency “hand.” ISH “International Science Hub” — whose team decided to change the usual interaction of money and science, and most importantly to simplify and make it more reliable.](

What is ISH? ISH “International Science Hub” is a decentralized scientific platform aimed at increasing the availability, quality and speed of scientific developments, by creating a bridge between the specialist and the customer.

The purpose of the ISH is to create a working environment that will unite scientists. Science as information — should be accessible to everyone. When I first saw the WhitePaper of the project, it was this title that interested me personally. The ideological component is very important for me personally, because I always believed that something needs to be changed in this world. It’s no secret that the blockchain technologies will speed up a lot of processes, so why not direct them to the development of their own cradle and not make it more convenient. This is what the project team decided to do. In order not to try to explain the goals and the idea of ​​the project on their own, I will bring an excerpt from WhitePaper. Specialists will have an opportunity to better realize their potential. They will be able to easily find customers and attract the investments necessary to conduct research and obtain new scientific results. Will be able to publish their work in a personal portfolio, be it research, development or the results of participation in conferences.

[Customers will have the opportunity to quickly form a team of specialists of any level of training, relying on the rank and reputation system, and the platform functionality and project management under the supervision of the supervisor will help to distribute the available financial and human resources competently, focusing on the product.](

ISH sets itself very specific goals — to help specialists and scientists to converge within one convenient, fast and functional platform that will, in addition to attracting investments, easily and easily manage and manage projects of any complexity.

[The idea and reasons for adding ISH to your crypto portfolio.
1. Ideology. The idea to embrace the scientific community as much as possible in a fast and standardized relationship is not new, but very few take it seriously. The idea to accelerate the development of technology and, as a consequence, the lives of millions of people — is, in my opinion, what it is worth to strive for.
2. Eradicate bureaucracy. Paper red tape associated with the receipt of grants, tenders or patents is just a nightmare. From the moment the idea is realized, to the planned release of the finished product, it sometimes passes from 3 months to several years. All these problems are due to the huge and not automated workflow. The technology of the distributed registry by default is designed to eradicate them. And the ISH decided to send this technology in the right direction.](
3. Simple and accessible format. The ISH platform itself is a social network. On the basis of this network, the team plans to integrate the so-called “Tender System” into the platform. As explained in WhitePaper: The system of tenders, a tool for organizing and performing works by a lot of specialists based on advanced outsourcing technologies. There have long been outsourcing platforms for designers, managers and programmers, but there is still no such platform for researchers. Why is the project doomed to popularity among the scientific community.

All this is perfectly explained by the author of the project Denis Zyryanov — With each passing year, technologies are developing faster and faster, we are creating a single center of science center with convenient functionality — which is necessary for the whole world. This project is able to become a foothold in accelerating the development of new technologies and the interaction of scientists among themselves and business. On the basis of this platform, new interesting ideas will quickly become reality. Scientists and specialists from all over the world will work on them. Unfortunately, we can be prevented by the realities of the legislation and the desire of politicians and corporations to control science. But having a single conglomerate of people interested in science, we will greatly accelerate the advancement of innovations and will be able to become a force capable of moving the established system. With sufficient number of interested users, it will be difficult for states to influence the platform. It will have, among other things, political weight. Just so to take and forbid something — it will not work anymore. Scientists will be comfortable to continue to do their favorite thing — to develop technology and reach new heights.

How personally I see this investment
In the current year, the ICO market is similar to the dotcom boom, only it is filled not by companies adding to their name .com but quite often financial and incomprehensible projects. Really cool among them is, but I doubt that all of them are able to fulfill the role of the organizer of the fin. flow into this area, and moreover, to benefit society. Projects like ISH, in addition to being ideological, are also practical, they are able to point out the flaws of the modern system, and most importantly, to channel money in the right direction, where they will quickly pay dividends and will have a positive effect on the future of all mankind. That’s why I, as well as the project team, urge to focus (especially institutional investors) on investments in similar projects. ICO is a good way to multiply your means, but it is also an opportunity to start young and ideological personalities in developing the best and useful for everyone.

[I will be honest, I did not say that in the case of an unambiguous project success, the first contacts with specialists on the new platform will acquire representatives of the manufacturing sector. $1.5 trillion. of annual turnover, this is still a solid level. It is this sector that needs a quick resolution of the issue of modernization of those. processes and reduce labor costs for output. Technically, the demand for an ISH token may increase in an arithmetic progression, and therefore, especially investors who are hungry for profit, will cover all their time and money expenses completely and, moreover, will later be able to use the platform resources to realize their own needs without additional costs. In any case, I recommend that everyone read the project The creation of a simple and bright future is in our hands, and a crypto currency boom, along with the technology of blocking, is only the beginning of this path. The next step in achieving a common goal is projects like the ISH “International Science Hub”](

International Science Hub-Open up a whole new world to you!

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We’re hosting a charity art auction today (ends at 1pm est) using crypto currency

So I’ll start by saying none of us are professional artists haha. We’re a group of people who hangout, explore new blockchain projects, learn about new areas of blockchain, and do stuff like this occasionally.

One of our members, Clint, runs an amazing charity []( To give him our support, a bunch of the community members have created their own “works” of art and we put them up for auction. At 1pm today the auction ends, all proceeds will go to the charity, and the works are getting shipped out!

You can see the art and bids at [](

You find out telegram (where we all hang out) on our website at []( (I think posting telegram here flags the post)

So check it out, tell us what ya think. I think it’s all about having fun with crypto and meeting new people, not just speculating prices 🙂 and that’s what we’re trying to do here.


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