Is there a website that shows you the gains / losses of a coin for a custom date range?

I am looking for a website similar to []( or , that lets you pick a specific date range and shows you the price changes for the selected time frame. It’s a fairly easy feature to implement but I haven’t found a website that does this.

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VeChains Blockchain and Smart Chips to be used to authenticate custom sneakers

Another interesting use for blockchain as VeChain will be used to embed NFC smart chips into pairs of shoes, to provide authenticity of product, and anti counterfeit properties.


Edit : Video of the sneakers being scanned via NFC, and authenticity verified: [](

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Edge Wallet custom node support

Back by popular demand from our previous app Airbitz, Edge Wallet for iOS and Android now supports the ability for users to specify their own custom Electrum Bitcoin node to connect to. Retain full privacy and autonomy and connect to your own BTC node.

Check it out at

In the app, go to Settings -> Bitcoin -> Enable Custom Nodes.


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