Trevor Noah of the Daily Show Takes a Cheap Shot at Bitcoin at (1:27)

His joke wasn’t funny at all and not because I’m a Bitcoin HODLer but it just wasn’t funny. He was mocking Bitcoin’s volatility as a stupid reason for the state of Ohio to start accepting BTC. I’ve never been a big fan of Trevor Noah, I feel like he tries way too hard under Jon Stewart’s shadow. But, his argument is kinda lame. Bitcoin isn’t really any more volatile than the Dow Jones, not to mention the state of Ohio can sell their BTC immediately when they receive it. They’re just providing Bitcoin as a method for convenience sake because they know some tax evaders will not pay them with fiat currency. But for the whales, this would be great. Give Ohio your Bitcoin and then dump the market and profit. That would’ve been a more clever remark than the stupid pave and unpave the road joke. But, of course, Trevor Noah has to dumb down his joke for his dumb audience that laughs at anything he says.

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