Bitdroid a trading bot that shuns technical analysis using order book data to predict price


[Bitdroid]( like Blockchain technology itself is positioning itself as a disrupter of the status quo regarding market prediction. The current dominance of technical analysis as a tool for market prediction is a misnomer, merely a fools guide to the markets peddled by an industry who knows better.

This erroneous technical analysis is employed by the plethora of stock market, and now cryptocurrency market traders and trading bots. In both the stock market and cryptocurrency, algorithmic trading bots are based on the amorphous ballooning number of technical signals, ranging from the ever-popular MACD oscillators to Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) and stochastics.

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There was another post about the major data breach, but it’s getting a whole lot worse. Though the 770+ million emails were already leaked, that’s only (allegedly) 8% of the total breach. There’s also a specific folder labeled “BTC Combos”. I compiled some information here.

Sorry for the clickbait title, but this is pretty serious.

There was a data breach called “Collection #1” that had about 87GB worth of email addresses and passwords. There was nearly 3 billion records, and over 700 million unique email addresses included.

On top of that, 140 million of the addresses had never shown up before.

**But it gets worse.**

[There is reportedly]( 4 *additional* collections that are **MUCH** larger in scale. They’re currently being evaluated to see if they might just be re-packages of previous hacks.

Currently, “Collection #1” is the biggest single leak ever recorded. **What’s truly insane is that Collection #1 constituted about 8% of the total data (in terms of size) that has been reported across all 5 “collections”.**

*There is also a specific folder marked “BTC Combos”.* Obviously this should be treated with the utmost care.

Some other facts:

1. “Collection #1” is reported to be about 2-3 years old, and contains data from 2008-2015 (not confirmed, but that’s what initial looks say from what I’ve gathered)
2. Collections #2-#5 do not have much information about them.
3. The hacker, known as “Sanixer” claims to have up to 4TB of password data in total, stating that some is “less than a year old”.

Links for further reading:


[ Article](

[Troy Hunt’s Blog (owner of HaveIBeenPwned)](

Be careful out there!

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PSA: Change your passwords. Over 1.1 billion email/password combinations were just leaked in a data breach.


If there is any time to change your passwords, now is that time. The extent of the exposed data is not known yet.

Use this site to see if your data has been exposed in this breach

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