Decentralized Private Machine Learning, new product demo

Hello Folks,

here is the demo of []( designed and implemented for the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a platform to perform decentralized machine learning from providing a data science solution to validating the machine learning model and purchasing it.

Here is the demo presented at the Berlin Meetup of September 2018





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Anyone tried QuarkChain open source code? ? Could you reach 14,000+ TPS like their demo?

Their code here:


Can anyone reproduce it?



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Storj Labs is holding a town hall meeting today, including a demo of the new network

Our team at Storj Labs is holding a town hall meeting today. The meeting will include updates on new partners, a demo of the new network and much more. [Register here]( or [view the live stream on YouTube]( today at 1:00 PM ET. If you have questions, feel free to send them to []( or ask them live via chat.

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