Today, January 10th, social discussion of the Yellow Vest Protests starting in 2 hours

For those that don’t know, we host social discussions on Thursdays. Our topics include:

* Politics (social issues)

* Developing

* Investing

* Philosophy

* Art and

* History

Each topic lasting about 10 minutes, mic passed around the table. This will go on from 8pm EST to 9:30pm EST tonight, Thursday, January 10th. Those that participate will receive $20 via Paypal, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.

One topic of discussion will be [Gilets Jaunes]( To participate email for a Google Hangout invite. Here’s to good conversation!

See you then,

Bitcoin 1776

PS – If we get a few Europeans to join in, I’ll make another one for 8pm CET (2pm EST) Friday. If you are European, give an email and we will make one for 8pm CET (Friday).

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r/Ethereum now censoring articles backed by simple economics and well-thought out arguments. This fork doesn’t affect just miners, it affects the future of the network, and it disappoints me that they wouldn’t let there be a civilized discussion.

This post was trending at the #3-4 spot on the frontpage but ultimately removed: [Removed from frontpage](

The article posted [can be found here.](

The author gave clear, well thought out arguments on the economic impact of the upcoming hardfork. Read the article for yourself and decide whether it has merits or not, because to me it makes perfect sense. The rewards reduction will push out the vast majority of GPU miners while ASIC miners begin to take a stronghold. And ProgPOW? That will take probably half a year to implement — I wouldn’t be surprised if they cancelled it totally. They should be focused on PoS as priority number 1, not taking a step back to implement ProgPOW which has 1.5-2x slower confirmation times.

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[DISCUSSION] Tricky, hypothetical problem if bitcoin becomes huge…

The following has been on my mind lately and I was wondering if other people explored this thought further.

Say Bitcoin does become the super-duper-ultra-trooper world currency that we want it to be. So the world wealth as [estimated here]( is 317 trillion. If we are to attribute that to bitcoin, it would mean each bitcoin (provided absolutely all of them are mined and none of them is lost) would be worth about 15 million USD. It this point in time the USD value of BTC would be irrelevant but it helps with the thought experiment.


So at this stage, an [avearage adult]( would own around 0.004 of a bitcoin if they are lucky.

What would happen if a random Joe, found himself his wallet from 2012 that contains about 100 BTC? He is instantly one of the wealthiest people alive and has hard to imagine purchasing power. It’s like winning the lottery on steroids. Wouldn’t that be dangerous to the economy as a whole? The chances today for someone to just stumble upon 1.5 billion dollars are non-existent but what if this becomes a real possibility? Could it be an issue for the economy as a whole?

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