Hacking EOS is the new sexy?

I noticed a recent emerging trend of dApps development on the EOS network. It is said that EOS has suffered a smart contract security breach on one of its decentralized applications which has resulted in the theft of around $240,000 worth of tokens.

A weakness in gambling application EOSBet’s smart contracts has been exploited just days after claiming it was one of the safest dApps online. EOS serves solely as the ATM for hackers nowadays?

Considering it is the bear market, I believe we are in a good position to join blockchain game, my concern is whether blockchain still guarantees the security and will be immune to hacks.

I myself spent more than 5 ETH for the past week playing in ETH game, and earned back 1.XXX ETH , I have built up a [discord community](https://discord.gg/46hFpDh) to discuss about gameplay and fun part of the Ethereum games, get onboard with us for more fun.

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