Hey r/cc.. What do you think of EOS now?

EOS has been the most hated cryptocurrency in this subreddit. It has been called a scam regularly.

Right now, the EOS ecosystem has grown with sister chains ( [Telos](https://telosfoundation.io), [Worlbi](https://worbli.io)[BOS](https://boscoin.io)) and a sidechain( [meet.one](https://meet.one) ).

[https://blocktivity.info](https://blocktivity.info) shows that EOS is the blockchain with the most activity

[dice.one is the no#1 Dapp in any blockchain ](https://vgy.me/khqk4I.jpg)

BOS has enabled the first ever Inter Blockchain Communication with EOS. It is now possible to transfer EOS tokens to the BOS network, and BOS tokens to the EOS mainnet by using the ‘bosibc.io’ smart contract.

Soon more token communications will be available from BOS to EOS and viceversa. The speed of IBC is expected to improve too.

Honestly, r/cc.. What do you think of EOS now?

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