Dont be a sheep, this tether manipulation is being caused by big players who are trying to end bitcoins ETF chances

The timing of this tether nonesense could not be more obvious. I dont like tether as much as the next guy but this is bigger than just tether, the people who benefit from BTC remaining an unregulated wild west are behind this.

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Bitcoin Etf: Will the Tail Wag the Dog?

The Etf convo has been beaten like a dead horse. Largely because most conversations around potential Bitcoin ETFs have 1. Been fundamentally opposed to it based on founding BTC principles hoping to keep the traditional financial system away from BTC as much as possible 2. Support an Etf in the belief that an Etf will increase Bitcoin exposure to the masses and thereby significantly increase both demand and price.

I believe the matter is more complicated. While this article only mentions Crypto in passing and does not discuss the the Bitcoin ETFs specifically, it does offer interesting analysis on the effects of ETFs on Gold. While Bitcoin is often considered to be a digital gold; I am not saying there is a true apples to apples comparison between the two assets; or in the effects of ETFs on them if any; just that maybe SOME aspects/effects of Gold ETFs on that market should be evaluated when considering pros/cons of a Bitcoin Etf.

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Crypto Weekly Recap: SEC Sets November 5th deadline for Bitcoin ETF applications

Includes a recap of all things impact the crypto and blockchain ecosystems…


* Switzerland Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) issues Switzerland’s first cryptocurrency asset management license to Crypto Fund, a subsidiary founded in 2017 by Zug-based Crypto Finance AG.
* Blockstream reveals that it has launched its highly anticipated Liquid sidechain for Bitcoin
* Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, reveals that it will begin disclosing all cryptocurrency listing fees while donating said fees to charity
* Impact of Yale Endowment fund investment in cryptocurrency
* Naomi Brockwell talks about why she is a Bitcoin Advocate and Evangelist
* World Bank President talks about about why Blockchain has “huge potential”

**And much more…**




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