When I bought 30 ETH, I was told there was a Soft Cap at 100M. Vitalik blew past that with no oversight


There are quite a few people that have talked about this with minimal coverage.

Seems there are lots of happy miners, lots of HODL apologists that are overtly positive on this delay, and I’m wondering why there was seemingly 0 coverage of this.

Anyone want to explain why this was Good? Give me all the mental gymnastics, I’d like to see a positive spin now that we are past 100M.

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My First Time Using ETH to purchase a digital game at Amazon.com

I was googling for various stuff related to ETH and came across this service: [https://www.thebigcoin.io/](https://www.thebigcoin.io/), the website seems well made and has been running since last year. It looks like they accept BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH or XMR and then purchase your desired item online with fiat and a flat fee of $6.

Since I did not know what to expect, I did a little research and found that they have some reviews here: [https://www.trustpilot.com/review/thebigcoin.io](https://www.trustpilot.com/review/thebigcoin.io) and here: [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2152963](https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2152963).

So I tried to place an order with ETH, the product was a digital Pokemon game from Amazon.

The whole process was quite simple: I have pasted the URL at [https://www.thebigcoin.io/](https://www.thebigcoin.io/)


then their system caught the product:


then entered my email:


and got to checkout page:


sent the ETH and got to this page in a few minutes:


It took an hour or so to receive the product by email and the code worked like a charm.


Overall, I’m happy with the service, hope you guys will enjoy it as well 🙂

P.S. They also accept other items with delivery to your address, I only made a test with a digital item in order not to reveal my address.

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