[Announcement] Ethereum Developer Conference in Berlin – 19th & 20th of July 2018

Berlin has emerged as one of the most vibrant blockchain ecosystems globally. Many well-known developers and projects both mature and new have chosen it as their home: The first Ethereum office was created here—just a few months after the Ethereum token sale. Berlin is the city where Solidity was written; and where critical Bitcoin infrastructure was partly developed as well. No wonder that Devcon0 had to kick off in Kreuzberg!

What we found to be still somewhat missing here, however, are conferences with a strong focus on the core technology itself—organized by developers for developers. So we at Gnosis decided to host our own:

**DappCon Berlin – Developer Conference for Ethereum DApps and Infrastructure**

*Where and when?*

* **[DappCon](http://www.dappcon.io/H) will take place in Berlin at Postbahnhof on 19th – 20th of July 2018.**

The venue is a former train station providing space for 800 people with two stages, one workshop room, and a large outside garden area to enjoy the Berlin summer while networking.

In a series of panel discussions, presentations, and workshops, DappCon attendees will get a chance to hear about and discuss different governance mechanisms, usability and security of self-sovereign authentication models, as well as next steps in the development of decentralized exchanges.

*Who is organizing DappCon?*

* **[Gnosis](http://www.gnosis.pm) is the organizer of DappCon with the support of [Asseth](https://www.asseth.fr/en/home/).**

A ConsenSys spoke that was spun out to become a fully-fledged company early 2017, Gnosis builds new market mechanisms to enable the distribution of resources—from assets to incentives, and information to ideas. Their decentralized platforms and applications provide foundational infrastructure, assuring security, stability, and foresight for the longevity of blockchain-driven technologies.

To bring this technology to the next level and unite the burgeoning Ethereum community in one place, we at Gnosis were motivated to organize a conference for developers, putting a strong focus on Ethereum’s core technology. At the same time, we’re also encouraging those who aren’t part of the ecosystem just yet but would like to contribute in the future—we sell student tickets for only 25€. Although the tickets will be sold at cost, any eventual benefits will be allocated to future conferences, workshops, and community projects.

*Why should you attend DappCon?*

* **It’s a unique occasion to learn, build, and think big around the topic of decentralized applications, tooling, and scaling solutions on Ethereum, as well as meet some of the most talented developers working with DApps today.**

The multiple streams will fit different areas of interest—from governance, Token Curated Registries (TCRs), scalability, to identity and decentralized exchanges. We are also offering hands-on workshops on DApp development and tooling, featuring smart contract security, solidity, node infrastructure, and more.

[*Confirmed speakers/attendees*](https://www.dappcon.io/#speakers)

Jarrad Hope (Co-founder, Status), Matan Field (CEO, DAOstack), Heiko Hees (CEO, Brainbot), Joseph Lubin (Founder, ConsenSys), Alex van de Sande (UX Designer, Ethereum Foundation), Mona El Isa (CEO, Melonport), Yaron Velner (CTO, Kyber Network), Edmund Edgar (Founder, Reality Keys), Alexey Akhunov (Independent Researcher), Lefteris Karapetsas (Senior Software Engineer, Brainbot – RaidenNetwork), Peter Czaban (Executive Director, Web3 Foundation), Julian Zawistowski (CEO, Golem), Brian Fabian Crain (Co-Founder, Epicenter Podcast), and many more

Berlin is calling—see you in July! <3

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch [info@dappcon.io]

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What’s On Pic – Based on Ethereum

***Website:*** [https://promo.whatsonpic.com/](https://promo.whatsonpic.com/)

***Facebook:*** [https://www.facebook.com/whatsonpicapp](https://www.facebook.com/whatsonpicapp)

***Twitter***: [https://twitter.com/whatsonpic](https://twitter.com/whatsonpic)

***Telegram:*** [t.me/whatsonpic](https://t.me/whatsonpic)

***What if all things in the photo on the Internet had tags?***

Welcome to What’s On Pic. It is a product based on Ethereum platform designed to improve e-commerce marketplace since it will create a more immediate connection between stores and buyers through photos.

We create What’s On Pic to provide users all over the world with the best online shopping experience.

What’s On Pic will let users tag any photo on the Internet and social media networks with the iOS, Android applications as well as with browser extensions. Artificial intelligence algorithms will allow recognizing the products in the photo as well as all the duplicates of this photo on the Internet. By tapping the desired product in the picture, the user will see more information about the product and get links to the stores to proceed to purchases.

In addition, tagging the products in the photos provide users with cashback rewards. When a purchase takes place, the publishers of the photos will get a reward from the purchase made through their posts.

To make our users enjoy their shopping experience, we create a simple and intuitive website with the user-friendly interface so that they could track their rewards and revenue.

***Why contribute?***

To ensure transparency, stability, and security of the platform, we implemented blockchain technology based on the Ethereum since it has a unique ability to use smart contracts. Our AWT token can be traded, redeemed and used by any partner using the ERC20 wallet.

What’s On Pic will pay incentives to its adopters using an incentive factor, currently 10:1 (one-tenth the value of a dollar is the equivalent in the AWT to each earned dollar from the cashback). This incentive will be financed from the profit received and it will be purchased on the open market.

We have a great team and plans for our future development that will allow us to scale the project around the world. What’s On Pic is how the e-commerce will look like in the future and you could be a part of it from the beginning.

… We can tell you more:)

We will provide you with more information about our Private Sale very soon but if you want to know something immediately, feel free to contact us.

***Find us*** ***on social media:***

Telegram: [t.me/whatsonpic](https://t.me/whatsonpic)

Facebook: [https://www.facebook.com/whatsonpicapp](https://www.facebook.com/whatsonpicapp)

Twitter: [https://twitter.com/whatsonpic](https://twitter.com/whatsonpic)

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ethereum classic blockchain | ethereum blockchain

Difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum Bitcoin was designed as a digital currency and, in order to be realized, [**how big is the ethereum blockchain**](https://www.cointiko.com/blockchain-technology/ethereum-classic-blockchain/) was invented. In bitcoin, this technology is used only to record transactions among users of bitcoins. This means that only transactions are entered on this bitcoin chain. On the other hand, Ethereum is designed to be flexible, so that not only transaction notes can be entered on its chain, but any computer code that can be executed.

[ ethereum blockchain](https://i.redd.it/qxj5esdzec311.jpg)

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