The problem facing the current cryptocurrency exchange system is grouped into two according to the cryptonity platform and they includes:
i. Big players
ii. Challengers
Who both poses major threat to the full scalability and effectiveness of the crypto exchange system and the cryptonity platform is set to fix this by offering a more comprehensive and transparent platform as well as a more collaborative and more secured platform. The platform aims to provide it’s users with a platform that has exceptional security measures so as to give users a more secured avenue to trade their cryptocurrency assets. Also incase of any cyber attack if actually there will be, the platform is setting up an insurance policy which they will use to compensate users.

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Why Neon Exchange (NEX) can be the biggest threat to CoinBase and Binance?

Why NEX can be the most exciting thing after BAKKT?

1. NEX received regulatory approval from the Financial Market Authority (FMA) of Liechtenstein, becoming the first regulated exchange security token in Europe and one of the first and few regulated securities in the world

2. In the near term, they will be acquiring a Security Dealers License, which would allow them to issue other securities to the public and is a requirement for an Organized Trading Facility (OTF) license, which will allow them to support trading of NEX and other European securities. Co-founder confirmed that they can list for e.g. Vodafone, a european security, on NEX.

3. They are also working towards a Banking License, which would allow them to operate regulated bank accounts and store customer money, and opens the door to new products such as index funds and margin trading.

4. In the United States, they are working towards Broker Dealer, ATS, and FINCEN licenses, which would allow them to trade US securities. Approval of the NEX token in the European Union also helps pave the way for their application to become a US security (this is SEC).

NEX vs. Coinbase vs. Binance?

1. NEX will be offering fiat-ramps, similar to coinbase. This will not only bs USD but also a variety of currencies. Co-founder said that they will finally be announcing the banks and VCs they are working with.
2. NEX’s user interface will be similar if not better than coinbase. I can post photos and more info about their competency when it comes to creating the most user-friendly interface.
3. NEX will be offering beyond what coinbase is offering. NEX will have BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, but also ERC20 and NEP5 tokens and adding more and more.

* Recently Etherdelta and IDEX, have been hit hard by regulations. Decerntralized exchanges are all at the risk of gettign shut down. Can NEX take up all of their volumes since they offer everything they do (+meaning you own the keys to your wallet) + many more tokens (meaning IDEX doesn’t offer NEP5 or EOS, or BTC or even fiat!.

Security Tokens to Take the Centre Stage in 2019, an article by NASDAQ:

“Security tokens combine the characteristics of utility tokens and venture capital

We believe security tokens act as a natural bridge between traditional finance like venture capital and Blockchain and benefit both equally. Utility tokens, akin to loyalty rewards points given by credit cards, have dominated ICOs. However, in some cases, owners cannot use the tokens beyond the issuer’s platform. As for venture capital, most private assets are relatively illiquid, which means investors face a difficult and costly time trying to convert them into cash. Security tokens solve both fundamental problems.

Security tokens digitally represent ownership in any asset, such as a piece of a tech startup or a venture capital fund and can provide investors with various rights to that company or fund. Furthermore, Security tokens provide liquidity to investors, access to compliance features to issuers, and a framework for oversight to regulators.”

Thanks for reading this post. NEX is the first legally compliant security token exchange platform in the world which will be offering a multitude of tokens all with fiat paired and an unparalleled user interface. NEX will incorporate a centralized high-performance matching engine into their decentralized platform, thereby allowing complex trades to be handled off-chain. Once the orders are matched, they will allegedly be committed on-chain, meaning there is no security lax. With the high-performance hardware, the Neon Exchange will be able to handle complex trades like market and limit orders.

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