Nasdaq: South Korea’s ICON to Back VELIC, Which Aims to Become the JP Morgan of the Digital Currency World

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 21, 2019 / ICON (ICX), as one of Korea’s top blockchain projects and one of the largest blockchain networks in the world, was introduced as “Korea’s Ethereum” in various presentations. The close relationship between ICON and the Korean government has made it a national project that has been well-regarded by the Korean people for a long time.

As a comparison to the Chinese market, ICON is more like Korea’s Ontology, which focuses on technology development and has government ties. For more than a year, ICON has focused on blockchain technology services for government, financial institutions, and large companies, providing blockchain solutions for more than 30 traditional business units. As a bottom level public chain project supported by the Korean government, it is not feasible to issue a large number of small projects. Therefore, ICON has targeted the most active aspect of digital currency – transactions – and recently announced the backing of VELIC.

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Security Vulnerability Could Compromise ICON Blockchain

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Here’s the jist with the appropriate report linked up for you wonderful people:

A [report]( from [Adevt]( pinpoints the origin of ICON’s security vulnerability in the *Pickle* third party library which is used to send and receive data. If this vulnerability were exploited, a hacker could execute malicious code and possibly take over the entire loopchain. The malicious code could also be used to manipulate the trading price of ICON in the cryptocurrency market.


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