PSA: books like “The Bitcoin Standard” (S. Ammous) and “The Internet Of Money” (A. Antonopoulos) are available in non-english languages. Links to Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, French and other versions inside.

If you are looking for a good introductory book on the subject of bitcoin to give a friend/a relative, as a Christmas present or just because they might be interested, or because they have been curious about bitcoin already and you want to give them a good first insight into the bitcoin space: there are a few options in other languages than English available.

I’m not affiliated with any of those and the Amazon links aren’t ref links, even though there’s *”ref”* in their URL’s (not sure why Amazon does this).

**”The Bitcoin Standard”** by Saifedean Ammous:





(Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Croatian, French versions coming in the future as well)

**”The Internet Of Money”** by Andreas Antonopoulos:

[English version Vol I]( and [Volume II](








On that note, also don’t forget that []( is available in a plethora of languages as well, and there you can find a lot of introductory, basic content to reference people to.

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