I’ve launched a bitcoin-only VPS platform and why things like this matter..

We’ve reached a tipping point where everyone likes crypto more than fiat. In the future digital economy, most people will be willing to get paid in crypto because it’s essentially the same thing as mining. It’s easier to convert your business to accept payments only in crypto than invest a lost of money into mining equipment – it’s essentially the same thing, only with lower risks. This is why i’ve launched a bitcoin-only VPS platform, called [cryptoho.st](https://cryptoho.st). It’s not much, but i’ll be moving everything i have into bitcoin-only payments.

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We just launched UDAX – the definitive unofficial Coinbase Pro app for iOS and Android. Tell us what you think.

Hey /r/Bitcoin,

A friend of mine and I just released [**UDAX**](https://www.udax.app/) today for [**iOS**](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/udax/id1383462393?ls=1&mt=8) and [**Android**](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.udax), which we are aiming to make the standard mobile app for Coinbase Pro (formerly GDAX). We’d love to get your feedback, feature requests, criticism, etc.

As Coinbase / GDAX users, we were always frustrated by the experience of using the exchange on mobile. As a small development team that’s worked extensively with their services before, we decided to treat that frustration as an opportunity after we decided to move on from another one of our projects, and we are really excited about the result.

We think UDAX is a huge step up in terms of interface and user experience for Coinbase Pro on mobile, and has the full array of features that you would hope for and expect like wallet management, depositing and withdrawing via QR code, transfers to and from Coinbase accounts, all order types, professional charting, live order books and more. One you authorize your account with API keys, they are kept securely on your device and never seen by anyone other than Coinbase and only ever over an encrypted connection. We collect absolutely no data about you, just some crash reporting so we can make sure the app is performing as expected.

I’m x-posting this to a few places where I think it might be relevant to people, some from a different account — I hope it doesn’t seem like spamming. We’re just a couple of developers who have been working really hard on this and are excited for people to get their hands on it.

UDAX is $2.99 in both the App Store and the Play Store starting today.



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