Just made my first Lightning purchase in the wild! ⚡️

I’ve had a node running for some months and I’m working on an iOS app controlling it over RPC. I recently found out that a restaurant in my city (Kasbah in Oslo) was accepting lightning payments – so of course I had to go test it.

I opened a channel directly to the restaurant to prevent any routing errors. For a smaller amount I would probably be able to use one of my existing channels, but they are not very well funded.

The girl serving didn’t miss a beat when I asked to pay with lightning and the transaction went through in less than a second.

[Instant payment! ⚡️](https://i.redd.it/gehpasiwjid11.jpg)

[Taste of success! 🍍](https://i.redd.it/7p6nnfcrjid11.jpg)

iOS savvy and wanna check out the app? (It’s pretty rough though) [github](https://github.com/knutnyg/nanozap)

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