How the Lightning Network will revolutionize Bitcoin casinos

Hey guys, I wrote an article about how the lightning network is going to be a great solution for the scalability problem and why especially cryptocurrency casinos and players can benefit from this revolutionary technology:

If you don’t have much time, just scroll down. There’s an infographic that sums everything up.


With the growing number of transactions clogging up the blockchain and online casinos being a part of this, it’s nice to have a positive outlook into the future. 🙂

What do you think?

If you occasionally play in Bitcoin casinos: Did you also get annoyed by the transaction fees that some casinos charge and the time you had to wait for your deposit or withdrawal to arrive?

Lightning is certainly going to change a lot.

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lightning network setup problems (please help a noob!)

I installed a btc full node a while back on a vps. I wanted to setup lightning network on it so I followed this tutorial:



everything went well up until the point where I generated my lightning wallet seed, which i was able to do. When I attempt to unlock the wallet using the ‘lncli unlock’ command, and the wallet unlocks, but then instantly disconnects, and I get the following error message:

2018-08-26 14:15:13.313 [INF] LNWL: Opened wallet

2018-08-26 14:15:13.388 [INF] LTND: Primary chain is set to: bitcoin

unable to create chain control: unable to connect to bitcoind: unable to subscribe for zmq block events: dial tcp []( connect: connection refused

2018-08-26 14:15:13.390 [INF] LTND: Shutdown complete

unable to connect to bitcoind: unable to subscribe for zmq block events: dial tcp []( connect: connection refused


In the tutorial I saw this but don’t know how to do what it says and assign a port to zmq:

Note: as of github master from 2018-08-10 onwards you need different ports for each zmq config option, and no longer use bitcoind.zmqpath option.


Can someone please give me a noob friendly push in the right direction to resolve the connectivity issue I am having so I can buy some friggin blockstream stickers?




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Some tips for people who are interested in running a bitcoin full node and lightning node (also on IPv6)

Hey, I just managed to get my first raspberry pi lightning node online and working on mainnet: []( Also, I’m the first person in my city to run a bitcoin full node, which is a great feeling. If you want to do this as well, I can recommend you this guide:


It is very newbie-friendly and explains everything in detail.

The only thing for me to do that is not explained in this guide was setting up the node with IPv6 because my ISP only allows me to have an IPv6 home network. The thing you want to be careful about is the firewall. If you’re in the same situation I can recommend you those links:



Also, you’re gonna have to disable “onlynet=ipv4” (put a # before the line) in bitcoin.conf.

**Lessons learned/tips:** Lots of guides tell you to to download the whole blockchain directly on your raspberry pi. This can take several weeks, which is quite unacceptable in most situations. The guide I mentioned before does this in a better way: You just download the blockchain using a regular personal computer with more computing power and transfer it over to your raspberry pi over your home network. As pointed out by /u/S_Lowry it‘s important to set txindex=1, so that you index all transactions. It took me two days, which was okay for me.

Also, don’t get sad if your lightning node is not immediately showing up on []( Testnet is quite slow and it will only show your node if you funded it with some testnet btc and successfully opened up a channel with a peer.

**Cost:** My cost for the hardware was about 150$ because I bought everything from scratch and also got a quite large external HDD to store the blockchain on (future-proof). The raspberry pi and external hdd don’t waste much energy and the running cost is very small. But I recommend to do this only if you have an unlimited upload bandwidth.

**A picture of christophernodan:** [](

Feel free to open a lightning channel with me: 02cb72d6aebc1c29e7e8e3066bdc01e4608b39968b8054307387424aeebe3a25c6@[2a02:908:2221:cc80:6f3f:7ad3:8151:9f14]:9735

Also, I’m gonna post my btc tip jar here: 1JBZPfkT4zMZ1Sw9SUbv7NrH4PJxvJPCPT

So if you want to support the network and believe in the future of Bitcoin, go ahead and get your full node and lightning node up 🙂


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