Peepeth’s Kickstarter is live

Hi everyone,

Happy Monday! [Peepeth]( creator here. I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to help make Peepeth accessible to mainstream users. I’d appreciate your support:


[Peepeth]( is a decentralized social network for those who value mindful, responsible engagement. It runs on Ethereum and IPFS, is ad-free, and encourages positive contribution through opinionated features. There are 2200+ users in the invite-only beta.

Reaching the Kickstarter goal will help make Peepeth free for all, and usable without a web3 provider. A mobile app will be built as a stretch goal. With your help, Peepeth could become the first mainstream dapp.

Rewards include unique, customizable blockchain badges that give you superpowers (special features), and other fun & interesting perks.

**Corporate sponsors:** your company’s logo will be displayed on Peepeth’s (redesigned) front-page for a year. You’ll also receive other rewards and high-level badges for your team. Plus, get a top-secret feature involving confetti! 🎉

Thanks for everyone’s help in getting this far!

**[Support Peepeth’s Kickstarter! 🐧🐧🐧](**

Bevan Barton, Peepeth founder

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