Bitmain’s Bitdeer Cloud Mining Update: Customers Now Losing 1.4%, PER DAY. (buying new miners will lose even more.)

This post refers to a [previous analysis]( of Bitmain’s Bitdeer cloud mining offering.

Only two weeks later, while daily costs remain at $17 per day, revenues unsurprisingly fell to $15.29 due to lower BTC prices and rising total hash rate (according to [] (

The resulting daily loss of $1.71 is equivalent to **1.4% per day**.

Additional warning:

There is a large surplus of miners in the market that can be switched on at any time ([12.5EH/s](, equivalent to approximmately 1 million antminer S9s.) The consequence is a hashrate that can rise without warning and cripple working miners’ profitability.

Buying a new miner in such conditions, accounting for the cost of hardware depreciation on top of electricity and maintenance costs, is guaranteed to destroy your capital.

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Satoshi Nakamotos a location. Japan’s Finance Minister Aso Taro w/ translator Kenji Suetsugu, made Bitcoin to challenge western banking/rising China, & invented PoW to enrich his families coal mining company & named it PoW, as a F’ u’ to allegations of forcing WW2 Prisoners Of War to forced labor.

In Japan, last name comes before first name and like sr/ms, you must say ‘san’ at the end of a name to avoid being rude. My analysis with horribly inaccurate Japanese kanji is..

Nakamoto Satoshi-san

Naka = inside; Moto = original; technically Sato**u**, not Sato, is sugar, but let’s remove the extra u; Shi = city; San = 3

Inside Original Sugar City **3**

There once existed an ancient Japanese sugar road named Nagasaki Kaido in the Edo period. It was the orignial backbone of the sugar trade, similar to China’s Silk Road, or America’s Oregon Trail. There were 25 posts to this road and city number **3** was, Iizuka City. (hence Sugar City 3)ō

If you look under ‘people’, you can see that current Finance Minister Aso Taro was born and raised in Iitozuka. His father owned a mining company in which Aso was the president from 73-79, which coincides perfectlously with the Nakamoto birthday in 75. The reason Aso made Nakamoto’s birth day year 1975 was because it was the first oil shock that shocked Japan to adopt a new energy policy.

In addition, you can also see in the Wikipedia a mysterious Japanese English translator named Kenji Suetsugu under Aso in the wiki link. But his information ceases to exist in the open world. (
Kenji promotes globalization under Aso position and Iizuka has a advanced technology university. Coin-cidence? Absolutlingly not.,_Fukuoka


Aso’s ambitions and views on surrounding countries and how to move forward was identified in his famous 2007 address titled The Arc of Freedom and Prosperity. Official ministry of foreign affairs English document translated version of the speech below.

Aso’s father’s mining business and legacy threatened by a changing energy policy and booming nuclear power industry, this is how he was inspired to create the energy wasting PoW system. The family name is very important in Japan and so you can easily see, the reason he named it PoW rather than something else is because he got butthurt from having to recognize allegations that his family’s mining company forced Prisoners Of War to mine in horrific conditions in WW2. He recognize the allegations during his 2008 run for Prime Minister of Japan, which coin-cides perfectionatly with the creation of Bitcoin. Some definitely might not even say the exact number of Korean workers that were labored were 21 million the western laborers were halved according to scientific research and math calculations.


He didnt win win the position but very very mysteriously, Fukuda who won the position, resigned and Aso became the prime minister by the end of 2008.

Recently, Aso potrays himself as being sceptical in crypto but it may or may not be a ploy to punish crypto exchanges that hacked and stole shitcoins like Cardano, Mona coin, NEM and recent Etherium Classic.


In conclusion, what was supposed to be a one sentence conspiracy joke on the name Satoshi Nakamoto, turned into a weird morning study on the history of sugar production in Japan and Aso-san. The internet has a habit of causing this haha

Cheers to a overly long and probably boring joke. 😉

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