What would YOU do with a Ethereum developer for a month?

*TL;DR: I’m an educator/researcher looking for ways to contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem. Only looking for ideas, NOT seeking any funding currently (my projects are all released as* [*free-open source code*](https://github.com/mitchellpkt/) *and/or* [*publications*](https://medium.com/@mitchellpkt)*).*


**What would YOU build if you had a full-time professional blockchain engineer at your disposal for a month?**

Do you have a smart contract or dApp idea to prototype? Would you want them to contribute to protocol-level development? Are there other types of infrastructure advances or monitoring tools that would strengthen the ecosystem? What pain points would you alleviate?

For context: I’m soliciting this feedback to guide curriculum development and hands-on projects for the [free Insight Fellowship](https://www.insightconsensus.com/), which is a 7-week full-time in-person professional training program. The Fellows spend the first 4 weeks building new tools and platforms for the space, and I want to make sure that our contributions provide real value for the community.

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