Satellite named “EtherX” as an ode to Ethereum to be launched on SpaceX Falcon 9 in Winter 2019

Hey everyone, we just put out a news release regarding our first satellite launch. I would like to share it with you. It’s amazing what Ethereum has pulled off as a community. It’s truly special and the collection of people (cryptographers, artists, dreamers and creators). As an ode to what the community has built, I wanted to make sure we named the first satellite that XYO launches after Ethereum! I’m heading to ETHDenver with my team this year and look forward to catching up with everyone I met from last year!

From the press release, here’s the part I’m most proud of!

>*For Phase Two, XYO Network will launch its own custom satellite with Spaceflight aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 in late 2019, on SpaceX CRS-19. XYO will send its first satellite, named the “EtherX,” into orbit, in a nod to the “Ethereum” blockchain platform.*
>*XYO Network Co-Founder Scott Scheper commented: “Speaking personally, Ethereum inspired me to go from a long-time blockchain observer to going ‘all in’. My work is now 100 percent focused on blockchain technologies. What the Ethereum developer community and Vitalik Buterin have built, has moved the entire ecosystem forward, period. As an ode to Ethereum and Vitalik, we decided to name our first satellite the ‘EtherX.’”*
>*The EtherX is only the first of XYO Network’s fleet of satellites. The company intends to launch a fleet of satellites named after important cryptographers and individuals who inspired them. In fact, XYO Network plans on enabling their global community of “Geohackers” to fully participate by purchasing a ‘stake’ in each satellite.*

Here’s the [link to the press release](


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Colombia, Cali, ATM provided by Sarcoin. Totally unfunctional, waited 2 hours next to the machine. On the phone, a representative named Monica Cordano was extremely rude and unhelpful. Warning – significant price difference and high fees (around 4% to buy and around 13% to sell). Mass adoption, how?

Colombia, Cali, ATM provided by Sarcoin. Totally unfunctional, waited 2 hours next to the machine. On the phone, a representative named Monica Cordano was extremely rude and unhelpful. Warning – significant price difference and high fees (around 4% to buy and around 13% to sell). Mass adoption, how?

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Off-chain prediction market using Celer SDK was named runnerup in ETHSF and Celer based applications won $7500 prizes in total!

On the first days of us releasing Celer SDK (check out [](

We have four teams immediately started to build some super cool applications and all won awards in ETHSF including

1. Off-chain prediction market []( won cBuilder and runnerup of ETHSF!
2. Micropayment to cloud services with SLA money bonding using conditional payment []( won $4000 from Chainlink!
3. Gas fee option trading []( won cInnovate award!
4. IDE template for cChannel contract []( won cUX award!

We invite you to build on Celer and join our cPilot program! [](

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With blockchain and AI a company named Inbot is changing B2B marketing

Good news everybody! There is a project that has’t been shilled here (that much). [Inbot]( is a company that was chosen to be the best blockchain AI this year in [Global Blockchain Competition]( The business has started running already and tokens will be available at the StellarX exchange.

One of the best part of this is that people in the community (titled ambassadors) can profit from this in a way of helping the process making intros (link below). Another great side of this is for the companies. Cold marketing (or almost any type of marketing) is expensive and takes time to show results. Think of cold calls, spam email or standing around at expos. When someone you know gives you an recommendation on anything, you are more likely to invest in it. That’s what Inbot is aiming to do with B2B marketing.

Platform, AI and the (ambassador) community work together to help companies get warm introductions to other companies. Warm intro meaning someone (ambassador) makes an recommendation to a target person that the Inbot’s customer company is looking for. Let’s say your friend has a successful bicycle store. Inbot approaches you (since you’ve signed up as an ambassador) and asks would you promote this manufacturer of state-of-the-art fiberglass bikes to them. For you effort you’ll receive a commission of 300$ (the amount depends on the size of the company, deal and the target person. Usually it’s negotiable)? The catch is that you’ll only get the money if both sides agree to have a meeting. After all Inbot also wants their customers to succeed. The outcome of the meeting is up to them though. Ambassador will be paid if the meeting happens.

When ambassadors are paid the intoken (crypto token of Inbot. Clever right?) is used. When companies sign up with Inbot they purchase intokens, because these are used when ambassadors are paid. When the meeting happens the ambassador will see the awarded intokens in the wallet. Then it can be changed in to fiat if needed. To transfer money across the world this is clearly the best way.

The AI comes in place when looking for the targets and right ambassadors. The database in built by many ways. I’ve done my part when I signed up as an ambassador. On the user page there are directions on how to export you connections-data from LinkedIn to a file. It’s then uploaded through their site to be added on the database.

The AI has mapped over 7 million people to reach all across the world. Ambassador community itself is over 64 000 already. Through Inbot there has been big deals made with Vodafone, Nokia, Allianz, Volkswagen, Google, Deutsche Telekom, Givaudan, Migros, McKinsey, Comcast, Dow Jones, Innogy, Deloitte, KPMG, Nasdaq, Accenture and more.

For joining the ambassador program you can sign up [here]( (reference link from my account..). Or head over to Business owners can also sign up as companies and make a free pitch about what they are looking for.

TL;dr : Company using AI, cryptos and power of a community to help businesses on their B2B marketing. Tokens available soon on StellarX exchange. Possibility for everyone to join the community to get awarded with making good introductions to companies.

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