Satoshi Nakamotos a location. Japan’s Finance Minister Aso Taro w/ translator Kenji Suetsugu, made Bitcoin to challenge western banking/rising China, & invented PoW to enrich his families coal mining company & named it PoW, as a F’ u’ to allegations of forcing WW2 Prisoners Of War to forced labor.

In Japan, last name comes before first name and like sr/ms, you must say ‘san’ at the end of a name to avoid being rude. My analysis with horribly inaccurate Japanese kanji is..

Nakamoto Satoshi-san

Naka = inside; Moto = original; technically Sato**u**, not Sato, is sugar, but let’s remove the extra u; Shi = city; San = 3

Inside Original Sugar City **3**

There once existed an ancient Japanese sugar road named Nagasaki Kaido in the Edo period. It was the orignial backbone of the sugar trade, similar to China’s Silk Road, or America’s Oregon Trail. There were 25 posts to this road and city number **3** was, Iizuka City. (hence Sugar City 3)ō

If you look under ‘people’, you can see that current Finance Minister Aso Taro was born and raised in Iitozuka. His father owned a mining company in which Aso was the president from 73-79, which coincides perfectlously with the Nakamoto birthday in 75. The reason Aso made Nakamoto’s birth day year 1975 was because it was the first oil shock that shocked Japan to adopt a new energy policy.

In addition, you can also see in the Wikipedia a mysterious Japanese English translator named Kenji Suetsugu under Aso in the wiki link. But his information ceases to exist in the open world. (
Kenji promotes globalization under Aso position and Iizuka has a advanced technology university. Coin-cidence? Absolutlingly not.,_Fukuoka


Aso’s ambitions and views on surrounding countries and how to move forward was identified in his famous 2007 address titled The Arc of Freedom and Prosperity. Official ministry of foreign affairs English document translated version of the speech below.

Aso’s father’s mining business and legacy threatened by a changing energy policy and booming nuclear power industry, this is how he was inspired to create the energy wasting PoW system. The family name is very important in Japan and so you can easily see, the reason he named it PoW rather than something else is because he got butthurt from having to recognize allegations that his family’s mining company forced Prisoners Of War to mine in horrific conditions in WW2. He recognize the allegations during his 2008 run for Prime Minister of Japan, which coin-cides perfectionatly with the creation of Bitcoin. Some definitely might not even say the exact number of Korean workers that were labored were 21 million the western laborers were halved according to scientific research and math calculations.


He didnt win win the position but very very mysteriously, Fukuda who won the position, resigned and Aso became the prime minister by the end of 2008.

Recently, Aso potrays himself as being sceptical in crypto but it may or may not be a ploy to punish crypto exchanges that hacked and stole shitcoins like Cardano, Mona coin, NEM and recent Etherium Classic.


In conclusion, what was supposed to be a one sentence conspiracy joke on the name Satoshi Nakamoto, turned into a weird morning study on the history of sugar production in Japan and Aso-san. The internet has a habit of causing this haha

Cheers to a overly long and probably boring joke. 😉

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A while ago I had a post on front page telling everyone about the decentralized stable coin named DAI, where I explained how it works and why you should pick it over Tether. For this reason, I feel obligated to tell you all why you should sell it today.

**Update: /u/Zarigis points out that as long as an exchange does not directly accept shielded DAI, it’s not abuseable.** Pretty much never go for an Aztec protocol second layer settlement of DAI.

Post in reference, explaining DAI:

Okay so quick TL;DR of DAI:

– Decentralized peg to USD through some niche game theory
– Runs on the Ethereum blockchain
– Now also has ZK-SNARKs for anonymity transactions.

Now, if you look at my flair, I would be the last person to tell you to avoid privacy additions.. However, this one is a little different. The ZK-SNARKs addition to DAI is quite possibly the biggest backstab to trust we have ever witnessed, and completely kills the decentralization aspect.

If you’ve ever read the original ZK-SNARKs paper, or even [Vitalik’s article]( on the subject, you’ll know they come with a trusted setup component; now ignoring the theories behind how this makes it [potentially traceable](, I’m going to address the hidden creation component of it first.

As a Stablecoin, and particularly as a decentralized one, it should be incredibly important to recognize the number of DAI in existence so we can adjust for it. At first, the smart contract DAI runs on would do that easily; but whoever is responsible for setting up the parameters of the ZK-SNARK setup can undetectably create an infinite amount of DAI. There’s a reason we don’t see currencies like Zcash, Zclassic and Bitcoin Private at rank 1, 2 and 3 marketcap; their privacy and auditability fundamentally backdoored.

(Note; Zcash has addressed this problem with something called Sapling.)

Imagine having the power to create DAI out of thin air — this is not something that you could just trust anyone not to abuse. I was shocked and disgusted when they announced this, but now that a few weeks have gone by I’m even more appalled I cannot find any good posts on the subject.

I would recommend you sell and avoid DAI, and unfortunately I have not searched indepth enough myself to suggest an alternative, but for now it’s just another hot potato. Stay safe folks.


**Tl;dr: DAI can now be created by the founders in an undetectable way.**

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Satellite named “EtherX” as an ode to Ethereum to be launched on SpaceX Falcon 9 in Winter 2019

Hey everyone, we just put out a news release regarding our first satellite launch. I would like to share it with you. It’s amazing what Ethereum has pulled off as a community. It’s truly special and the collection of people (cryptographers, artists, dreamers and creators). As an ode to what the community has built, I wanted to make sure we named the first satellite that XYO launches after Ethereum! I’m heading to ETHDenver with my team this year and look forward to catching up with everyone I met from last year!

From the press release, here’s the part I’m most proud of!

>*For Phase Two, XYO Network will launch its own custom satellite with Spaceflight aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 in late 2019, on SpaceX CRS-19. XYO will send its first satellite, named the “EtherX,” into orbit, in a nod to the “Ethereum” blockchain platform.*
>*XYO Network Co-Founder Scott Scheper commented: “Speaking personally, Ethereum inspired me to go from a long-time blockchain observer to going ‘all in’. My work is now 100 percent focused on blockchain technologies. What the Ethereum developer community and Vitalik Buterin have built, has moved the entire ecosystem forward, period. As an ode to Ethereum and Vitalik, we decided to name our first satellite the ‘EtherX.’”*
>*The EtherX is only the first of XYO Network’s fleet of satellites. The company intends to launch a fleet of satellites named after important cryptographers and individuals who inspired them. In fact, XYO Network plans on enabling their global community of “Geohackers” to fully participate by purchasing a ‘stake’ in each satellite.*

Here’s the [link to the press release](


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Colombia, Cali, ATM provided by Sarcoin. Totally unfunctional, waited 2 hours next to the machine. On the phone, a representative named Monica Cordano was extremely rude and unhelpful. Warning – significant price difference and high fees (around 4% to buy and around 13% to sell). Mass adoption, how?

Colombia, Cali, ATM provided by Sarcoin. Totally unfunctional, waited 2 hours next to the machine. On the phone, a representative named Monica Cordano was extremely rude and unhelpful. Warning – significant price difference and high fees (around 4% to buy and around 13% to sell). Mass adoption, how?

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