A lot of the dismissals, criticisms and attacks on Bitcoin come from people who have the luxury of having a stable financial system

A great podcast of “What Bitcoin Did” with Alex Gladstein.

The conversation start really good at min 40, when Bitcoin is really taken seriously for freedom.

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help me tell people that bitmain is a negative actor



This is in my area and i recently heard my cousins considering applying for a bunch of the vague jobs that bitmain had been posting online




My cousins aren’t into bitcoin. They have no idea who bitmain is or what bitmain does. They don’t even know what bitcoin. Anyway please give me some good links that will cast a negative light on bitmain’s true situation


I don’t see how they will be going through with all the stuff they had initially planned in texas now that bitmain isn’t printing money

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The Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis has published an examination of the long-term prospects for Bitcoin. “The fundamental demand for Bitcoin derives from the fact that there are at least some people who value [decentralization and permissionlessness] features…”

The Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis has published an examination of the long-term prospects for Bitcoin. “The fundamental demand for Bitcoin derives from the fact that there are at least some people who value [decentralization and permissionlessness] features…”

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The original proponent of progPOW, Kristy Leigh Anne Minehan, appears to have scammed people with cloud contracts, criticism, and soft power, and chatlog dumps.

**Previous Posts**

* [The connection between Core Scientific, NVIDIA, and progPOW (and possibly CSW/Coingeek)](https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/aeee8r/the_connection_between_core_scientific_nvidia_and/?st=jqwn4s4v&sh=2d8dcd64)

* [NVIDIA has funded the team responsible for the development of ProgPOW.](https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/adc6g5/nvidia_has_funded_the_team_responsible_for_the/?st=jqwn3u46&sh=738340d8)

* [NVIDIA is engaged in a proxy war for future of proof of work. They call it “progPOW” and the first target is Ethereum. We must stop it now before it reaches Bitcoin Cash. [censorship] [conspiracy]](https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/ae8ozh/nvidia_is_engaged_in_a_proxy_war_for_future_of/?st=jqwn4399&sh=70fb8bfe)

* [Forking to progPOW will leave ETH open to a 51% attack with a datacenter as small as 7.2 megawatts (proof inside).](https://np.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/adn534/forking_to_progpow_will_leave_eth_open_to_a_51/?st=jqo1d0fd&sh=4eba355e)


**Criticism and Soft Power**

I have received criticism for my posts mostly due to what people call “character attacks.” I have two things to say about that:

1. I have never engaged in any character attacks. In all cases, the character has made their modus operandi known by themselves, and I have simply shined a light on it. I don’t need call people “[mentally unstable gentlemen](https://twitter.com/OhGodAGirl/status/1082257157943222272)” [–source, Ohgodagirl Twitter] to get my point across.

2. Algorithm change discussions must include economic and political introspection as well as a discussion of the proposed change’s technical details. As I have stated before, progPOW would not exist without the people responsible for creating it. We must look at these people’s history, character, prior accomplishments, and industry connections. The discussion must exist outside the scope of the proposed change, not inside of it.

Example: When people criticize my posts for “not looking at the technical details”, they are making a mistake. If someone asked “which should we kill more often: baby seals or baby kittens?”, we don’t all immediately start discussing the optimal relation of kittens-per-second to seals-per-second that can be killed. No, our first reaction is “what the fuck, why should we kill anything?”



Customer complaints from people who bought cloud contracts from Kristy’s previous company:

* [Kristy-Leigh Minehan AKA OhGodAGirl, OhGodACompany, mineority hosting/FPGA scam](https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5086203.0)

* [So… OhGodAGirl and the Mineority group is failing… badly. Thoughts?](https://www.reddit.com/r/gpumining/comments/a27lhb/so_ohgodagirl_and_the_mineority_group_is_failing/)

* [Accused of corporate espionage by her former associates](https://i.imgur.com/PNyCy8x.jpg)


**Coingeek Connection**

Previously, I had promised to [provide information regarding the CSW/Coingeek and Core Scientific connection](https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/aeee8r/the_connection_between_core_scientific_nvidia_and/?st=jqwn4s4v&sh=2d8dcd64).

When I was president of ImageShack.com (2003-2011), someone wanted to buy our company. When this happens, the buyer and seller usually write a purchase agreement similar to the business in which they are involved. This is done to ensure that the purchase is executed. In ImageShack’s case, the buyer bought $500,000 worth of advertising from us. The logic was that ImageShack would be acquired, so they actually would pay themselves. If they didn’t buy ImageShack, they would owe us $500,000.

Given the partnership between Core Scientific (Kristy’s employer) and “Squire Mining” (effectively, Coingeek), I would not be surprised if Coingeek and Core Scientific made such an agreement, as well. In their case, it would likely be a hosting agreement. Since Coingeek has many ASICs, and Core Scientific is a large mining facility, I would not be surprised if those **Coingeek ASICs are hosted by Core Scientific**.

Individuals close to these parties can verify those claims, but I cannot share the proof at this time without revealing the identity of my sources.


**Chatlog Dumps**

Today, I also provide public comments from chatlog dumps showcasing Kristy Leigh Anne Minehan’s deep connection to NVIDIA:

01/28/2018 – 22:34<@OhGodAGirl> Yo. ystarnaud/sling00: **I’ll be meeting NV next week**. I think it’s next week. The 4th! Anyway; if you have NVIDIA fixes you need for EthOS or something you want special attention on, PM me.
02/05/2018 – 06:47<@OhGodAGirl> Also I got a USB shaped like a NVIDIA GTX. It’s the best thing ever.
02/05/2018 – 06:50<@OhGodAGirl> https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/ffwT8M2j/IMG_2726.JPG
02/05/2018 – 06:50<@OhGodAGirl> Look at this adorable little shit.

*”Ah, but there’s a catch. These USB drives [are extremely rare](http://www.pcgamer.com/nvidias-geforce-gtx-usb-drive-is-real-and-rare-heres-how-you-can-get-one/)—Nvidia only cranked out a couple thousand of these drives and will be giving them away to press and “influencers” at E3, along with 1,080 registered GeForce Experience members who are opted in to receive communications from Nvidia.*”

04/22/2018 – 20:17<@sling00> OhGodAGirl: what does ohgodanethlargement do
04/22/2018 – 20:17< cYnIxX3> https://youtu.be/2mj1nCfFvlI?t=2m16s
04/22/2018 – 20:19< cYnIxX3> sling00, about 10-25mh improvement to 1080 gpus.
04/22/2018 – 20:19< __virus__> about 40-50% improvement afaik
04/22/2018 – 20:21< OhGodAGirl> But…it’s not under because NVIDIA asked me not to.

04/21/2018 – 16:51< OhGodAGirl> I have a ton of private tools for Mineority
04/21/2018 – 16:51< OhGodAGirl> Right now our Equihash kernel has a 25% advantage over Claymore.
04/21/2018 – 16:52< PL3> 25% on amds?
04/21/2018 – 16:52< OhGodAGirl> NVIDIA 😉
04/21/2018 – 16:52< PL3> you have claymore nvidia equi miner?
04/21/2018 – 16:52< OhGodAGirl> We’re a NV only company. For now.

04/29/2018 – 00:53< OhGodAGirl> So uh, NVIDIA showed ETHlargement at an executive meeting
04/29/2018 – 00:53< OhGodAGirl> They thought it was hillarious
04/29/2018 – 00:53< acv_> that is awesome.
04/29/2018 – 01:22< OhGodAGirl> So many dicks on Youtube though
04/29/2018 – 01:22< OhGodAGirl> “RA RA IT’S A SCAM”
04/29/2018 – 01:22< OhGodAGirl> “RA RA IT WILL STEAL ALL YOUR PRIVKEYS”
04/29/2018 – 01:22< OhGodAGirl> “RA RA NO ONE IS EVER NICE IN THIS WORLD’
04/29/2018 – 01:22< OhGodAGirl> Well dammit I’m a nice person. =(

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