Pocket Miner and Listern Audio Platform from ERN project

Mindé Pocket Miner is ERN’s flagship product. Mindé Pocket Miner will be the first handheld device powered with innovative and creative technology that supports crypto wallet installation and mobile mining. Mindé Pocket Miner has the same convenience of a mobile phone, yet loaded with high-tech specifications that mining requires. The pocket mining device has a built-in microSD card, touchscreen interface, camera, and a battery that can also be used as a power bank. Aside from being a mini mining machine, Mindé Pocket Miner also serves as a cold storage or wallet for tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Second ERN product its a Listern Audio Platform.

The Listern audio sharing platform offers a new ecosystem that empowers viewers, advertisers, and publishers to create, share, and listen to audios while earning ERN tokens within the ecosystem.

Listern Platform—a revolutionary audio platform that supports songs, voice clips, podcasts, audio books, etc. Listern uses Blockchain technology for an even distribution of revenues as rewards between advertisers, viewers, and publishers. Listern Audio Platform implement a decentralized rewards system for creators, advertisers, and listeners. Whether you are a creator, advertiser, sponsor, or listener, you can start earning ERN tokens through the Listern Audio Platform.


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How to curate an open data platform?

Hey guys,

I’m developing a decentralized linked open data platform as part of my thesis, where data producers can publish linked data (think wikipedia, but machine-readable), and consumers can query them (via SPARQL).

I can imagine that publishers should stake some eth, and can be challenged before their proposal is accepted, but I can’t figure out how to incentivize publishers at the protocol layer, as the consumers are not paying for the data. I’d really appreciate it if someone could share ideas they might have, or similar solutions they’ve seen in other projects.

By the way, you can find the PoC [here](https://github.com/s1na/open-knowledge).

Thanks in advance for any feedback,

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