3Q Exciting roadmap coming soon. CoinFi, all-in-one trading intelligence platform – built by hedge fund and Wall Street veterans, algorithm experts, data scientists/engineers

**One-pager:** [[Click here for link]](https://medium.com/@silverliningss/your-unofficial-coinfi-one-pager-ea0dcbb6fb2b)

**3Q 2018 release:** [[Click here for link]](https://medium.com/@silverlinings171/coinfi-3q-2018-news-data-1b832e69ec5c)

**CoinFi Blockchain Market Intelligence:** Use blockchain analytics to detect market movement before they happen. [[Click here for link]](https://blog.goodaudience.com/coinfi-blockchain-market-intelligence-use-blockchain-analytics-to-detect-market-movement-before-74f8714cc1c9)

## 3Q 2018 – Data & News

## Investors can enjoy real-time, market-moving, high quality and relevant news….all in one place

* **Big database:** One of the biggest coin/ICO database ( 7,000 ++ )
* **Advanced News platform:** market-moving news, news aggregator (30+ sources), advanced filtering, news overlay on price chart, etc
* **Coin screener:** filter coins by any metrics (market cap, technicals, etc)
* **Events calendar:** crowdsourced and in-house calendar to provide quality, up to date, complete and easy-to-search calendar
* **Advanced token metrics:** innovated by in-house blockchain experts (ie [centralization metric](https://twitter.com/coin_fi/status/1032179438539104256), [adoption rate](https://twitter.com/coin_fi/status/1032454892319907840), and [more !!](https://blog.coinfi.com/) )

## 4Q 2018 – Research & Analysis

* Initial beta versions of trading signals
* Prototype of machine learning algorithms for content classification, quality assurance, and fraud detection
* Token-incentivized crowdsourcing
* Social functionality including upvote/downvote and sharing
* Revamped homepage
* Research & Analysis

## 1Q 2019 – Trading Signals

* Abnormal volatility detection
* Abnormal price movement detection
* Abnormal volume detection
* Increased social mention detection
* Best price exchange identification
* Best currency pair identification
* Source code release detection
* Launch premium subscription for trading signals
* Accept community contributed trading signals

## 2Q 2019 – Execution Algorithms

* VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)
* TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price)
* BWAP (Block Weighted Average Price)
* Sniper
* % of Volume
* Target Close
* Implementation Shortfall
* Launch premium subscription for trading algorithms
* Accept community contributed trading algorithms

## 3Q 2019

* Platform architecture for custom signals
* UI/UX for developing custom signals
* Drag and drop functionality to combine signals
* Custom alerting

## 4Q 2019

* Custom cryptocurrency portfolio dashboard
* more to be announced

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When a platform aims to succeed, one of the best and fastest methods to achieve that success is by earning the trust of your users. Due to the 100% transparency level of the bluzelle platform, users that store data through the platform decentralized mode of storage have 100% trust in the platform . The platform has also proven to keep it words when it comes to swift transaction payments and delivery. Remember payments on the platform are made though the BLZ, so payments and transactions can also be tracked through the blockchain. This is transparency


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