Bitcoin Forecast vs. Actual Price

This is my Bitcoin forecast vs actual price, on the H4 chart.

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Used tools: Elliott Waves, Harmonic Patterns, Fibonacci Retracements on the Trend direction & counter-trend, as well (instead of using the Fibonacci Extension tool), Fibonacci Confluence Areas (a.k.a. Fibonacci Clusters) and other simple tools like Support/Resistances, Trend Lines, 50&200 EMAs, etc.

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Hope this helps.


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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2018: Will Bitcoin Crash or Rise?

Watching the price performance of Bitcoin, you can call it **a relative crash already**. BTC has lost 60% of its value since the beginning of this year. However, it was an expected move as the industry is maturing, the volatility is fading, and governments and regulators around the world are trying to get control over the emerging cryptocurrency market. It means that Bitcoin is going mainstream, so there will be less space for sudden ups and downs.

However, at the moment, according to some crypto traders, Bitcoin **may go even lower** in the following two or three months.

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