Bitcoin longterm price chart

Hi, this is my first post here on reddit.
I’ve been in bitcoin since 2013, haven’t posted a lot though. I am however quite active on tradingview, and would like to share my view on bitcoin longterm price growth, so that people might learn how the BTC cycles work, and that the fundamental bitcoin price drivers are:
1. The halvings

2. Metcalfe’s law and network growth


That’s why I think we’ve almost reached the low in the current bearmarket. It sure could go as low as 1500-2500, but that’s just random noise in the long run.
Anyways, here’s one of my charts from 7 months ago, which seems to be quite accurate so far:


Price growth follows a square-root function in the logarithmic chart.
Longterm target 2030+ : 1million USD per BTC 😉

There will be many more bull- and bearmarkets. It’s normal and part of the growing process.

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TA on BAT vs. recent price movements of ETH

Did some TA on BAT vs recent price movements of ETH. Yet another good reminder of how the market is pegged to what BTC and ETH do. But a savvy day trader can take advantage of these dances.

No telling where ETH is going to go after Jan 16 Constantinople upgrade? I think it will be tempered excitement, but not quite the bullish rally everyone is hoping for. Just a guess of course, as nobody knows jack **** in this crypto space.

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