Today, January 10th, social discussion of the Yellow Vest Protests starting in 2 hours

For those that don’t know, we host social discussions on Thursdays. Our topics include:

* Politics (social issues)

* Developing

* Investing

* Philosophy

* Art and

* History

Each topic lasting about 10 minutes, mic passed around the table. This will go on from 8pm EST to 9:30pm EST tonight, Thursday, January 10th. Those that participate will receive $20 via Paypal, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.

One topic of discussion will be [Gilets Jaunes]( To participate email for a Google Hangout invite. Here’s to good conversation!

See you then,

Bitcoin 1776

PS – If we get a few Europeans to join in, I’ll make another one for 8pm CET (2pm EST) Friday. If you are European, give an email and we will make one for 8pm CET (Friday).

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