Doing some market research, and would greatly appreciate your insights.

Hi r/CryptoCurrency


We are a crypto -> FIAT payment processor looking to validate some things to make the whole space better for merchants, users, and help spur adoption. If you could help us out it would be greatly appreciated

This will take 2 – 7 minutes to complete depending on the level of detail you choose to provide.
To compensate you for your time we are offering:

* **Section 1:** Be entered into a contest to win 1,000 BAT 
* **Section 2:** No fees on the first $25,000 of crypto -> FIAT payments processed 
* **Section 3:** Addition $10,000 of feeless transactions for switching over ($35,000 total)

All of your individual responses will be kept anonymous, but we may reach out for further insights. If you are interested in seeing the results let us know at the end of the survey.

******Deadline for submission for the 100 BAT will be announced January 20th******

[**LINK HERE**](

Thank you again guys and gals

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