Is it safe to instantly accept Bitcoin without 1 confirmation?



One of my projects are looking to accept Bitcoin as payment, but we’d like to confirm the purchase instantly instead of waiting for 1 or more confirmations. I’m curious if it’s safe to instantly accept a transaction without receiving 1 confirmation, as in take it as good when the transaction is broadcasted? If someone were to trick the system, how could they do it and how much would it cost them, if anything?

Ive been checking out []( as they have a ‘Confidence’ bar for transactions, anyone able to explain me how this works? I know when it reaches 100% the transaction is confirmed, 0% if it’s a double-spend, but how do they value the levels between 0-100?



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Quadrica Fiasco and the Safe Haven Technology

We all know what happened recently with the Quadrica exchange. 190million USD in funds lost. Unfortunatly even how revolutionairy Blockchain technology is it is still a shame that there is still no solution implenented for disasters like this. There is one project that is working on solutions for this issue and that is Safe Haven.

They are the only one with this solution because their technology is patented globally. Please have a look and spread the word because events like Quadrica are giving Crypto a bad name and are very irresponsible.

Please take a look at these articles to get a quick explanation.

Safe Haven (SHA) – The most promising project in the VeChain ecosystem?

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