CivD 4X strategy game on Ethereum update – pay-to-win removed, L2 suggestions, player ideas for earnings ETH in-game

Two weeks ago I posted about my beta crypto game, a strategy game inspired by the Civilization game series. For those who didn’t read the first thread, [link](

game guide and play:


While many people liked the idea and the progress made, the main objection was the feature to advance techs quickly by paying with eth. This feature has been quickly removed as per player feedback, so it is no longer possible to skip tech time by paying with eth. Along with other bug fixes but bug fixes still on-going.

Another suggestion was to add more ways for players to earn. Perhaps something like this:

When a player buys a territory tile (the world map is divided in tiles that can be owned), part of the earnings are ‘stored’ in the tile, and whenever another player successfully attacks that tile, they can get part of the ETH stored in that tile. So it is imperative to defend your territory with units, as well as have a large enough army to go raiding other players’ territory. You can still ‘sell’ your land and get back the eth stored in the tile, so it’s more like a lease. You’ll still need territory to generate resources for units, techs and structures and to insulate your capital from attack.

Several L2 solutions have been proposed to me to make the gameplay faster and avoid tx gas fees:

* Loom – Currently the most likely option as they are the farthest in development, however I’m very slow to even figure out how it works let alone how to implement it.

* EOS – Another L2 solution

* Stellar – A more centralized solution, which would make the game just a centralized game with tokenized resources that can be traded on an out of game marketplace. I’m not sure how /r/ethereum thinks about that.

* POA/DAI/xDAI – Another L3 solution

* uRaiden/HyperDB/have also been mentioned.

At any rate, it seems to me moving to a L2 solution is not as quick of a process as I’d hoped, and perhaps will take more time than I already spent on the game since I’m completely unfamiliar with all those platforms.

Since the Ropsten version was quite popular, it will remain free to play the game next to the mainnet map, if you don’t want to spend any ether.

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