Bitcoin Booster Tim Draper Has Some “Crackpot” Theories. Perhaps You Should Listen

BREAKER met up with Tim Draper at last week’s World Crypto Con in Las Vegas to discuss the promise of bitcoin, his foiled vision for California, and why he believes—contrary to what you see on the news—“the future’s gonna be awesome.” [](

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Conspiracy Theories are Fictitious Eccentrics – or are the Rothschild’s IMMO About to Destroy the Dollar?

The Rothschild dynasty, the total capital of which even in the 21st century has amounted to trillions of dollars, is not ready to weaken its position, even two centuries after the birth of its founder. A few months ago, it became known that the oldest banker dynasty is now developing the IMMO cryptocurrency. Details of which are still kept secret from the general public. It is known that IMMO is a cryptocurrency, which is designed to oust the dollar, and become a global reserve currency with true intrinsic value.


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