Hopium Time and My Bitcoin Bet

Hello! Some of you may know me from the Daily Discussion thread here. I am an enthusiastic supporter of Bitcoin and also the author of **Hopium Time** (formerly Daily Hopium). Hopium Time is my effort to improve morale of the Bitcoin community during the dark times of current bear market we’ve been enduring. In my posts I make an effort to post good news and show parallels to previous Bitcoin bear markets to provide perspective when things look bleak.

I also like to make predictions. My core prediction is as follows:

**The price of ONE BITCOIN will surpass $100,000 USD before May 1, 2021.**

To illustrate my conviction on this prediction and to help my favorite charity, [The Independence Fund](http://www.independencefund.org/), I have made it into a [Bet](https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/8z9cx2/daily_discussion_july_16_2018/e2iiems). Please take a look at [my post ](https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/8z9cx2/daily_discussion_july_16_2018/e2iiems) on this. I would really like this to grow into a nice donation to the charity which is very helpful to Veterans and their families. Hopefully some of you guys will pledge to match my Bet.

I will attempt to contact some of the leading Bitcoin bulls in the media (John McAfee, Tom Lee, Tim Draper etc.) and let you know in this thread if they plan to participate in my Bet or not. So you may want to check back on this thread from time to time for a status update.

Follow me on my new Twitter [@ThePhysicistBTC](http://twitter.com/ThePhysicistBTC)

I will maintain an archive of all my **Hopium Time** posts here, in case you are feeling a little down and need a quick reality check or pick-me-up. See below.

**Hopium Time (Archive):**

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S01E28: Lets get it over 7k for some fireworks.

S01E27: Major Bitcoin Crashes

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S01E25: What? Bitcoin died?

S01E24: Parallels in time

S01E23: I have no choice but to sell off 8000 BTC

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S01E18: No hope for bitcoin?

S01E17: Optimism for 2nd half 2018

S01E16: People who bought at the ath of 266 then sold at 50

S01E15: The Truth

S01E14: Millionaire interest

S01E13: Pep Talk time

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S01E11: Square Cash App

S01E10: Predictions, predictions

S01E09: Too expensive?

S01E08: Aarrrrrrnoooooooold

S01E07: Sinking Ship

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S01E05: Bitcoin Immortality and Log Chart

S01E04: Hal Finney

S01E03: You can make a difference.

S01E02: Being a Fudster – an Ageless Past-time

S01E01: Are you ready for the drops?

The Pilot: 770 bitcoins


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