Watch the U.S. Congress Hearing Today, “The Future of Money: Digital Currency”


Will begin @ 2pm EST.

Edit: the hearing this morning, **Cryptocurrencies: Oversight of New Assets in the Digital Age**, can also be found here: [](

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MedCredits is on schedule to meet Augur prediction goal with Beta 2.0 release today

With the launch of Augur’s prediction market, Ethereum is getting some great positive attention. The release of functional, decentralized platforms on Ethereum is what continues to give Ethereum value over potential competing platforms (e.g. EOS). Total betting volume on Augur surpassed $1 million earlier, and is only growing.

As mentioned in the [CoinDesk article]( from earlier today, the company MedCredits is using Augur to assure accountability in launching the first dapp in its decentralized health system.

The Beta 2.0 version of the MedCredits dapp was just released today and the public launch on Ethereum mainnet is scheduled for October 2018. Actually, one of the top prediction markets on Augur right now is a bid from the MedCredits founders assuring public launch by October 15 (

The app is rather easy to use if you’d like to try. It might be one of the most user friendly dapps out there. You can test it at

During this testing period, users can earn real MEDX tokens by submitting cases on the dapp. More details at

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Is it just me or is today a very positive day in Crypto?

I woke up today and literally read through 6 consecutive bulllish crypto articles and hardly any FUD. Weird.

1. World’s largest asset manager BlackRock who is currently managing $6.3 Trillion might start investing in the Cryptocurrency Markets soon : [](
2. Billionaire Steven Cohen is investing in Crypto: [](
3. CIA saying Cryptocurrency Markets are becoming more trustworthy : [](
4. One of South Africa’s biggest financial firms is adding Bitcoin and Ethereum to its trading platform: [](
5. India will most likely regulate Crypto instead of outright banning it: [](
6. FFS even Bloomberg is pumping Crypto today: [](

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