ERC-20 Token Question

What exactly is a ERC-20 Token?

Does that mean that it runs on the Ethereum blockchain?
Or does that just mean it uses Ethereum based Technology to run it’s own services?

For example, just recently the Winklevoss twins announced the [Gemini Dollar]( be pegged to the US Dollar) that is supposedly an ERC-20 Token that runs on the Ethereum Platform.

If the Ethereum Platform were to be hacked or somehow explode and no one decided to use it anymore, would that mean that the Gemini Dollar ERC-20 Token would break or become useless?

Thanks in Advance for any information!

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Wollo Token economics

Wollo enables children to play within an immersive
environment, whilst learning to earn, save, exchange,
model and spend. Wollo also enables parents and family
members to manage microfinances across their networks,
globally without the barriers to digital piggy-banking.

Families and children need Wollo to access the key play and learning functionality
within the DApp. The more Wollo children earn, via their parents and family network,
the higher the educational value created, and the more children can do within
Pigzbe’s world.

The more family members invited into a network, the more Wollo in circulation that
can be used to access the Pigzbe service, allowing families to continue gifting to
children, and for children to continue playing and learning.
Liquidity is then provided by facilitating the use of Wollo in the real world.

Pigzbe users
will be able to apply for a Wollo Card, provided through third party partnership, which
gives customers the ability to spend their Wollo in the real world, in a number of fiat
currencies, thus further stimulating liquidity and strengthening our token economics.

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