100x BTC Leverage Trading: PrimeXBT vs. BitMEX



PrimeXBT launched just this week to offer as much as 100x leverage on BTC, same as BitMEX – the current ‘go-to’ place to trade with high leverage.

Now many are converting to PrimeXBT as a better alternative to BitMEX, and here’s why:

**100x Leverage**: Both platform’s offer anywhere between 1:1 – 1:100 leverage. The difference is that BitMEX is limited to BTC only, where as PrimeXBT is applicable to all 5 trading pairs: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, EOS.

**Fees:** PrimeXBT takes 0.05% on all trades; BitMEX takes 0.075% for BTC and 0.25% on all other pairs.

**Liquidity:** PrimeXBT aggregates liquidity from 12 different leading providers in real-time, as a result providing the best price across the board with instant order execution.

**Shorting:** Both allow for short positions, however BitMEX only on BTC, whereas PrimeXBT is available on all pairs.

**KYC:** There’s no KYC requirements on PrimeXBT so you can trade completely anonymously. BitMEX on the other hand enforces KYC.

**Customizable UI:** PrimeXBT’s platform layout is clean, simplistic and highly customizable to be as complex or basic as needed, with optional multi-monitor support for the pro’s.

**First class trading terminal:** fitted with a powerful charting engine, with several chart types, a variety of handy widgets, indicators, technical analysis tools and drawing instruments.

**Seamless order book:** PrimeXBT has designed its order book to be clear, crisp and easy to read. BitMEX (like several others) unfortunately plays host to an ‘epileptic’ order book that all too often encounters a dreaded “order submission error”.

**Deposits and withdrawals:** BitMEX only handles BTC, no fiat; on PrimeXBT, you can deposit and withdraw in any one of the available cryptocurrencies, as well as USD and EUR. Plus there is no minimum or maximum deposits/withdrawals.

PrimeXBT is ultimately offering the same high demand 100x leverage as what BitMEX does, but on a better platform, and with more features and functionalities, which ultimately presents traders with a greater opportunity to profit.

Check it out for yourself, [https://PrimeXBT.com](https://primexbt.com/). Let me know what you think!

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