LTO Network enables organizations and governments to collaborate on equal footing by using trustless business processes. Integrate existing apps and systems, increasing security and transparency while maintaining data privacy and GDPR compliance.

LTO Network’s infrastructure allows different parties, with competing for economic and/or political interests, to work within the same processes without the need to trust one another or a third party. To facilitate this, LTO Network has developed Live Contracts. Similar to a Smart Contract, a Live Contract provides a dynamic method for defining logic on the blockchain. However, the purpose of a Live Contract is not just to determine the state of a process, but to actively instruct humans and computers about the steps it contains.

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Particl & Bitcoin : Buy and sell directly your stuff for crypto, on a trustless, decentralized market directly owned by its community

Hello everyone!

I have noticed that r/CryptoCurrency is currently interested in discovering new products.

I am posting this article here []( for anyone interested in learning more about the Particl Project.

Due to the deplatforming debacle involving Patreon and r/JordanPeterson, many of you guys are interested in gaining independance from centralized entities. The Particl project is currently creating a decentralized marketplace, which will be ruled and governed by its coin holders.




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Why is Coinbase considering listing XLM when they specifically say that any cryptocurrency listed has to be a trustless network?

In their [listing criteria]( ) they specifically say in 1.1.4:

The network is public, decentralized, and enables trustless consensus.

XLM is not trustless, it is a trusted network.

Why did they say they will list it then. Will they violate their own listing criteria?

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Can a trustless native mobile app be considered a DApp?

At Ethex, we just launched an Ethereum/ERC20 wallet app with built-in token trading. I’m wondering if you consider it a DApp.


DApp-like attributes

* Trustless, smart contract based (trades are on-chain and wallet-to-wallet).
* All actions/operations are on-chain.
* You keep control of private keys (they are stored locally, encrypted, never uploaded).

DApp-unlike attributes

* The app binary is delivered from central app store (Apple/Google).
* Partially open source. The smart contracts are open source.
* Out of necessity, there are a few servers in the mix (provider, localized currency conversion).

You can learn more about the *Ethex Trade Wallet*, along with App Store and Google Play links: [](

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