Vitalik at Devcon 4: Bring your own signing algorithm? What was is this called?

At Devcon 4, Vitalik mentioned that there were some implementation thoughts that would allow you to use any signature algorithm to account. I find this idea quite crazy. Does anyone know what this is called? Is there a blog post on it/ more readings?

Vitalik: things like abstraction that what would allow people to use whatever signature algorithms they wanted for their accounts which could provide post quantum security it would make it easier to make privacy solutions



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Vitalik answered to Tone Vays and Dan Larimer: “I am not leaving.”

Vitalik answered [in the twitter discussion]( with Tone Vays and Dan Larimer:

1. I am not leaving. No plans to stop or reduce blog posts / ethresearch posts / github commits.
2. Vitalik is “in charge”: ETH is centralized! Vitalik is not “in charge”: Vitalik is pulling a Dan Larimer! This is why BTC maximalists have zero credibility.

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