A small investor’s point of view about the FEAR of the old fiat world, that still lives inside the CRYPTO world today, through the BCH fork, that is showing us a lot.

Hello crypto friends, far and wide!

I made a video (first one about crypto ever) about my opinion as to the remifications of the BCH fork, and how we are still stuck holding the bags (no pun intended) of the old world, inside the new world of crypto.


How we are stuck with the old wars and fears, while trying to move away from them. I feel the BCH fork is a prime example of that, and that it is very important for us “smalltime” investors, normal people, to share our thoughts and feelings regarding these matter. That’s how we can hold the people in power accountable.

It is my first recording and I don’t yet have any fancy equipment or anything as such, so the general quality is quite noob-ish atm.

Thank you!

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ZCOIN – real world use case – large scale voting in Thailand

Interesting read about an unexpected real world use case from ZCOIN.
It seems they managed to pull off a real election on top of the ZCOIN blockchain.



Some deeper insight here:



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[RELEASE] PLANETCRYPTO.APP ~ Live on the Mainnet ~ Entire World Map Now Broken up into Collectibles Tokens!

[Statue of Liberty – As a ERC721 Token within CryptoPlanet.app](https://i.redd.it/avn71ltkzjy11.png)

Planet Crypto is an Ethereum Blockchain game where you own virtual plots of land. We’ve split the entire map of Earth into 20m^(2) plots of land that you are able to own. Round 1 has just launched: “LAND GRAB” – next up will be building and defence before the battles commence!

## Play NOW


## Example CARDS

**London Tower Bridge:**[https://planetcrypto.app/token/4](https://planetcrypto.app/token/4)

**Statue of Liberty**[https://planetcrypto.app/token/2](https://planetcrypto.app/token/2)

**Nelson’s Column**[https://planetcrypto.app/token/1](https://planetcrypto.app/token/1)

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