XTRABYTES is hiring

Hey Everybody!

XTRABYTES has added some great positions recently such as:

Web Manager,
Director of Global Marketing,
Solutions Architect,
Product Manager,
Software Engineer,

If you feel qualified, please check out the careers page on the website linked below!


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Rumor has it: XTRABYTES Volume 1

Rumor has it that XTRABYTES has not shown any tech, for 2 years.


This rumor comes from our friends in the trolling section, who we generally ignore. Rather than posting in a comment war that simply results in people closing the thread due to boredom, I felt it best to lay the rumor to rest here in a post that can easily be read by anyone curious to know the truth.


a.) Borzalom (lead developer) was awarded control of the original copy/paste *Bitmox* code on April 7, 2017 [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1793468.msg18500780#msg18500780](https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1793468.msg18500780#msg18500780) and continued cleaning the code afterwards.


b.) Sometime prior to XTRABYTES being officially born, the initial PoSign (Proof of Signature) consensus algorithm was added to the chain and was running with the original PoW as a backup in the event that the PoSign mining stopped for some reason. *this was easily evidenced at the time by seeing new block creation occurring with no PoW miners operating… the chain was being built by block creation from the earliest version of PoSign* Seems to me that this was an early release of tech and is one of the reasons XTRABYTES started to gain traction.


c.) As time passed and development demands increased, XFUEL was released as Proof of Concept for Proof of Signature (PoSign) and this displayed a chain that was running with 100% PoSign only. Again, a light version of PoSign, but indeed this was another tech release from XTRABYTES.


To reiterate: XFUEL is not a patched Bitmox clone chain, like XBY which currently runs with PoSign on the original patched Bitmox chain *XBY’s real day in the light will come after they can reveal the rest of the tech and present the world with the full version of PoSign*. XFUEL is a chain from an earlier version of Bitcoin (fewer code changes but has all bugfixes) that runs with STATIC nodes and the PoSign Lite algorithm. Here are instructions we shared for those who wish to validate that XFUEL uses PoSign technology: [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1864397.msg24198245#msg24198245](https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1864397.msg24198245#msg24198245)


d.) Although it is true they have only 1 developer working on the core currently (Borzalom, the inventor of the tech being patented) it is very important for the people not currently involved or invested in XTRABYTES to understand that there is actually quite an impressive team of nearly 50 people working on various sections of the company. One of these sections is the XCITE platform.


What is XCITE?


This is more technology that has been displayed (although currently blacked out until completion) and will be the control panel of the XTRABYTES blockchain platform, as well as its wallet and communications application. Interestingly, it is rumored that this XCITE Interactive Terminal will contain both XBY and XFUEL in the same interface.


e.) Another tech that is rumored to be in development is XCHANGE, which evidently is an exchange (DEX).



So, to say that there have been no tech releases from XTRABYTES in 2 years (this means forever) is quite simply a lie.


Can we say that they take too long? Well, not knowing what they are developing, other than the rumor that it is game changing, revolutionary tech, I think the answer to that is no. How can we judge something we know nothing about?


Something different definitely appears to be happening at XTRABYTES and wise investors know what to do.




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XtraPod – What is XTRABYTES?

Hey Everybody,

I am excited to bring you the very first XtraPod episode! This is meant to be a short introductory episode for new members of the crypto/xby comunity. Make sure you comment with feedback and share with friends!


Twitter: @xtrapodcast

Facebook: [https://www.facebook.com/xtrapod](https://www.facebook.com/xtrapod)

Note: Applications have been submitted to iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, & Google Play. It will be on your favorite apps soon!

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The Xtrabytes scam needs to be shut down and the people need to face criminal charges

I came across something the other day that caught my attention. I decided to finally read their first ever post: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1793468.0 on bitcointalk.org. Until now, I had only looked at the first page or two. Some interesting bits from the first few pages:

– XBY co-founder, Borzalom says that he was an investor in Bitmox, a dead project that turned out to be a scam. He says he’s is going to repair Bitmox’s code and repair the node network, and that he is going to keep the coin and ticker, XBY, because it’s already listed on exchanges. Says he’s a ‘real person and real developer’ and that he is making the whole thing ‘transparent’.

1 year and 10 months later, we have no actual proof that he is a real person (at least not who he claims to be). The proof he is a real developer is extremely limited. We have zero proof he is capable of developing what he claims he has. XBY has been anything but transparent. All 3 of these claims appear to be to entice people into buying into this scam.

– He claims he contacted C-Cex about what happened with Bitmox, and that they said the understood and will work with him, and that they have put the coin in ‘Maintenance’ mode.

This should have NEVER been done, though it’s not surprising that C-Cex would do something this stupid. They should have delisted XBY, forcing Borzalom to start from scratch and apply for listing on the exchange with a new coin he has created. Had they done this, it’s likely this whole scam would have never happened, as he has shown no development skill and likely could not have made anything from scratch.

– He says he’s going to recover the blockchain, repair the code, hard fork XBY, and premine all the coins. He claims that premining will get the ‘best results’, which he says later on that the coin’s security depends on it [premining]. He says after the premine, all coins should be sent to an address that he claims is the Bitmox ICO address. I’m guessing that either 1. This was either his own wallet. 2. He somehow gained access and took over Bitmox’s wallet. 3. He was able to access the wallet because he was someone on the Bitmox team. He says he can’t do the premine because his graphics card isn’t good enough. So someone else will have to do it and then send the coins to the address. I suspect this is an attempt to cover his tracks and gain plausible deniability. Borzalom proceeds to list a ton of projects with the same code, which is full of scam code, Bitmox used to show they just copy and pasted the code. This is where he begins the ‘closed source project’

No additional code has ever been shown. The new algorithm he claims to have created, Proof of Signature, has never been seen or proven. Given the details, It’s likely that he never did any additional coding after the hard fork.

– CCR comments discussing how this all started and shows an image of a post Borz made (assuming on bitcointalk), which caught his attention. Unfortunately the picture has been removed. He then says says he private messaged Borz, and that he ‘will show the first two messages’ and posts a picture, which has been removed. I’m assuming all this is to establish credibility and be transparent. But, it raises eyebrows more than it establishes credibility. Why only the first two messages? Why any at all? It’s too try-hard. I’m guessing after the first two messages, they began discussing how to shape this scam. He says that Borz is a ‘good man, with strong ethics, a brilliant mind, and a desire to create something great for the blockchain world.’ CCR says of himself: ‘ I too am an open and honest communicator with strong ethics and integrity, along with a desire to help people make money.‘

– He has not ever been an open and honest communicator. Neither of them exhibit strong ethics. Borzalom has yet to show his ‘brilliant mind’. The only desire either of them have shown is a desire to fuck people over. In this same comment, CCR tells the community, ‘We also do not ask that you trust us because we know trust is gained over time as we reach milestones…‘. I’m guessing this too was said in order to make them seem like honest, good people and gain credibility. They have stuck true to this belief in essence though. They did what they needed to do early on to gain trust. But, anyone that knows this team knows that they set minuscule milestones and act like they saved the world, while failing to deliver on the bigger milestones.

If you care to continue reading, they get called out be being a scam within the first few pages by multiple users. The delays and stalls start almost immediately. Borz has never shown any additional code, as it doesn’t exist.

Some additional links:

This has all been discussed many times and [this](https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2280956.460) Bitcoin Talk post does a great job putting all the pieces together.

[Here](https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2280956.460) is a post that contains a message from CCR says the patent is all a delay tactic.

Within these posts, there are messages from CCR saying that he’s been selling his XBY. https://imgur.com/a/QtMXi0q

You can find Borzalom‘ real identity, as well as old posts from 3 coins, like Identity, that he copied from someone else and then shut down abruptly out of nowhere. He claims he’s from Hungary, but he had a business registered in Florida. Everything points to him living in Florida. He’s not deaf and he’s not a world class coding god.

It kind of becomes a rabbit hole of sorts, but if you care to read, it’s quite interesting and IMO proves without a doubt XtraBytes is 100% a scam.

Nothing has changed. Borzalom and CCR are criminals. They deserve to be in prison. There is enough proof of XBY being a fraud and conversely no proof their technology exists whatsoever.

XtraBytes needs to be shut down and the people responsible need to face criminal charges, that includes all their mods and team members that KNOW this is a scam, but keep it up because they’re being paid.

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