Vitalik recently asked the ETH community to make a layer 2 scam filtering solution to fight the phishing menace on Twitter. Does this solution make sense?

Okay, so here’s a way this could be solved, without much Twitter involvement.

1. A while ago, Vitalik [suggested]( using string distance to find out if somebody is trying to impersonate name or twitter handles

2. In addition to that, it wouldn’t be too hard to check profile pictures for similarity.

3. Since twitter doesn’t seem to be doing this at the moment, a browser extension could do this. Vitalik [suggested]( that somebody could make a ‘layer 2’ solution.

4. The extension could be made to check the replies of important personalities, and auto report phishing accounts as a spam or impersonation (or make it super convenient to do so). This way, **we’d need very few people to actually run the extension**. Twitter algorithms will (hopefully) respond to the quick reports and kill the phishing accounts.

I’ve written extensions before. I could probably start with this. Am I missing anything? Alternatively, are there any active projects doing this?



1. Okay, so reporting impersonation is much different from reporting tweets as spam. It’s a different page, and isn’t actually _[in Twitter]( Submitting that form requires an authenticity token. But it turns out, extensions can download that page and retrieve the authenticity token. I’m not sure how okay twitter would be with this, but it’s possible. Reporting as spam is easier, on the other hand.

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