Your Wallet’s Public Key is its identity, so why does it have to be so boring? Banano is trying to change that with MonKeys

Your Public key is the face your wallet(s) show the world, your identity(s) in a crypto currency, so why are they so boring?
Why cant they have a personality? Strings of numbers and letters, all day every day… they blend together. They do for us anyway. We’re the team behind Banano and we’re asking ourselves that question.

Our latest development, from the bowels of Banano Republic RnD, are [“MonKeys”](, algorithmically generated expressions of your wallets’ public keys.
Each MonKey is unique, pulling from near limitless combinations of fur and eye color, expressions, and accessories.

[Here’s A video trailer of just SOME of the near endless possible MonKeys out there.](

Being able to generate MonKeys from addresses is just the beginning though. Future plans include integrating MonKeys into our block explorer, rich lists, wallet GUI, and as avatars for our main free distribution method: the Banano Runner video game faucet (A runner style video game event that pays out real Bananos for bananas collected in game). Future updates beyond that will expand even further on this concept, adding ways for users to earn & collect unique accessories to really make their MonKey their own. EA says that everyone just wants that sense of pride and accomplishment now. Who are we to argue with their dark dark vision of the future?

We’re really excited at the potential these MonKeys have to add some life to the second most personal aspect of Cryptocurrencies: your public key. (Keep them private keys out of sight, people)

You can learn more about what tf Banano is and our various free distribution methods on our website, an industry leading example of cool animated particles.js meshnet backgrounds (the surest sign of crypto legitimacy!) @

You can also join us at /r/Bananocoin where we regularly practice the Justin Sun approved method of photographing ourself next to things and yelling “partnership!” Or you can join our official discord, easily the most active arm of our community, whose link you can find on our subreddit cause I don’t want to anger Automod by posting it here a second time, I’m traumatized from getting flagged “low effort” 😉

Hope you enjoy the MonKeys. Who doesn’t want a little frivolity in their revolutionary, world-changing, tech sector every now and then?

-Anemone (Banano team)

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